Any Woven Zoe's left?

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  1. Does anyone know which outlets still have Woven Zoes? Thinking of trying to track one down. Thanks! :tup:
  2. haha J, I know I was trying to track one down too, I should've bought mine when I could've last month... there weren't any at my outlet yesterday... i know there are a few listed on the bay, but not for really great prices... hope you find one!
  3. Thanks S! My outlet never got them in :tdown: Most of the bay prices are inflated by $100 :wtf: I don't wanna go there.
  4. Williamsburg, VA outlet has a few woven zoe's but in medium size.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean... Hopefully my outlet gets some more in, I'd like to get one! And I also hope they continue to do the coupon!
  6. I was in a store in NJ today and they had one - I was going to get it until I found a white mark on the side - so I left it
  7. I just saw a few in my outlet this AM in Illinois
  8. I saw some less than two weeks ago in South Carolina (tanger outlet on hwy 17). Hope that helps!
  9. I saw a couple yesterday at the Allen outlet.
  10. Allen had one woven Zoe left this morning. Hope you find one, especially at today's price.
  11. I saw several at Ellenton, FL last Wednesday.
  12. None in S. FL but my friend told me they had some at the Orlando Outlet...
  13. They had ONE at my outlet too!
    Hope you can track one down :coolio:
  14. Thanks for all the tips ladies! :hugs:
  15. It has been a couple of weeks, but there were a lot of them at the Prime outlets in Orlando when I was there. The medium size.