Any words/PICS about LV's 07 Fall/Winter?

  1. Chanel just revealed their 07 Fall/Winter collection, nothing caught my eye except one turqoise piece, which is good b/c i can now concentrate on LV's Fall/Winter collection:yes: , so my dear tPFers, ANY words or pix of LV's 07 Fall/Winter handbag collection??
  2. I think it is tomorrow night at 9 PM eastern time. I can't wait!
  3. The Mens F/W 07-08 Show is on I saw a couple of monogram 'man' bags which have dark leather handles, and it looked great! I wonder if they will have something similar for women.
  4. Sunday March 4
    3.00pm Louis Vuitton (paris time)
  5. yep show tomorrow pics should be on the next day (monday)
  6. Gah...I don't want to wait until Monday to see! LOL
  7. Can't wait!!!
  8. I cant wait also :smile:
  9. awesome ... I'm excited to see what they've come up with ... I hope more will catch my eye this time
  10. I'm hoping more simple and beautiful than this season. I don't mind less cute than regular LV either. But please please please no more frankenstein & super busy bags.
  11. ahhh. I can't wait...I hoping for a beautiful orange suhali and some smooshy and slouchy leather bags!
  12. :yes: ITA! I wish they will bring back Glace or Mat, they are such beautiful lines, it's a shame for them to be discontinued!:crybaby:
  13. ^^^we cant be so lucky to see any more of those lines! they are just too heavenly!

    and where can i see this show? is it on tomorrw? or is it on tv?
  14. I cannot wait to see what fabulous creations Marc will come up with for Fall/Winter show, I'm sure once again he will do a truly amazing job that will keep up waitlisting for the coming months lol!

  15. the next day. they take a while to be put on