any word on the damier sophie??

  1. so has anyone heard of a release date yet for the damier sophie?? I'm making a trip out to HI in sept and I would love to bring one home.
  2. Wow, a Damier Sophie? That would be great!
  3. my SA told me august. but no exact day.
  4. Damier Sophie I want it. Can anyone tell me the price for Damier Sophie? thank !!:smile:
  5. My SA told me that Japan already have them in stock but they are not allowed to sell it yet !
  6. I cant wait for them.
  7. I haven't visited the LV boutique yet, but I'm planning on going in this week to give them my cc info. I want to ensure that I'll get one since I'm going to be on vacay when its released on Aug.1.
  8. My SA told me it will be out in September in Hawaii.
  9. what's the price of the dameir sophie??????????
  10. Just got back from LV and I also received word from my SA that the Sophie release has been pushed back to September 1.
  11. Whoo Hoo-I will be in HI in Sept!!!!!!!
  12. My SA told me that it might be earlier but then yesterday he told me that the merchandizer doesnt have any shipment news yet... so does it means that is being postponed with merely 8 dys from the 1st ?
  13. I'd like to know too! :nuts:
  14. Mono Sophie was $400.....Let's hope Damier Sophie is the same! I will have to ask my SA.
  15. I called the website number on Friday and was told that the price point would be similar to the mono version, but the SA on the phone didn't have any release date information to confirm.