Any word on Nordstrom Exclusive Coach for Anniversary sale?

  1. I know that there have been Coach bags exclusive to Nordstrom for their Anniversary Sale in past years. Has anyone heard anything from any SAs as to what might be available this year? :girlsigh:
  2. i actually never knew that at all, so now im curious too :smile:
  3. i didn't know that either
    now i'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting to find out
  4. I didn't know they had exclusive to Nordstroms for the anniversery. I do know that sometimes there are bags that go only to department stores.... Like a couple of years bag they had these great little suede demis...and the only way to get the GREEN I wanted was from a department store (both Nordy's and Macy's had them). And there have been a few other things that way...that to get a certain COLOR it was only at the department store....but I've never noticed a Nordstroms only bag.
  5. Ok you lovely ladies, I just got back from the showroom at Nordies for the presale. They had two coach bags for anniversary. I bought one for my mother in black. Both were shoulder bags. One of them was a hobo.

    Edit: The bag I bought was originally 298 and brought down to 198.90
  6. Pictures! I want pictures! (Please?) :smile:
  7. And they look ike? And you will be posting pictures when?
  8. I can't pick the bag up until the sale starts on the 14th. It had one strap and the belt looking closure on the one thatI bought. It was in white or black. The other one was a hobo that was bigger, but not huge. I can't remember much about that one though.
  9. Does this sale require any special invite and also is it over?
  10. No, it doesn't start until the 14th. You get double points as well. If you have a SA, I would call and ask if you are able to presale. My SA told me it has to do with the amount of money you spend, but I think if you ask they will accommodate. I don't know why they make it this secret society. I invited everyone I knew to come with me tonight because I knew they were going to buy that junk that was left more than me.

    Edit: I had already bought my MJ on presale on Saturday and went back today for the showcase. I'm going back to the showcase once the clothes get out because I know those are going to go faster than the handbags.
  11. Thanks for the info. I have a Nordstroms credit card but I have never used it. I may try and go by there tomorrow and see what I can find out. Please post pics of all of your wonderful purchases when you get them.
  12. Good Luck Disney!
  13. I found a pic of the purse that I bought for anniversary sale. It's on page 10 of the new catalog. It's available in black or white for the sale. Hope that helps.
  14. ohh those are gorgeous... I was going through the cataloge for like the fifth time & were admiring those. Congrats..hope to see photos when you receive it!
  15. I went to my local Nordy's... This is the bag that's on sale:

    But it's the larger size in black or white. It's normally $298 but is marked down to $198.90 for Anniversary. That's the only style I saw. But this was at a smaller Nordy's.

    There's also a pair of gold wedge sandals and a pair of sneakers that are going on sale.