Any word on Hearts for tomorrow?

  1. I still havent heard anything as to their availability.

    Anyone else in the US heard anything?
  2. I was in last night and my SA said they weren't in yet. I'm not sure whether to believe her or not.....maybe they're told not to say anything or else people will want to see them, touch them, kwim? I hope my store will have them tomorrow.
  3. I'm confident my SA will call me once she gets them in, apparently they aren't yet.
  4. my s.a. called me just now to tell me that they are in in Toronto (Bloor). she said they got many in, but i don't have to worry because i was on the waiting list
  5. is this for the gold and silver?:tup::confused1:
  6. I haven't heard anything yet and I am anxious!
  7. I was able to go on the wait list here in San Jose, CA for one, they said they should be in tomorrow.
  8. I don't think my store has them yet, I went in on Tuesday I think and they weren't in yet.
    They do have the cosmetic cases though...well, not MY store, but another one here. Weirdly enough, they called me about a silver one...which I didn't waitlist for. But it's nice that they're thinking of me! :heart:
  9. They are in in AZ ~ dh just got a call from the store where he wait listed. Since we don't live near a store, he just started calling all the LV's once he found out this was what I wanted for V-day. Got to love him! The SA said he could have any color he wanted (the rec. 2 of each color). Told him to pick the color ~ I love them all!!!
  10. My store received them and the cosmetic cases, 9 hearts, 6 cases total. Considering this is a busy store than quantity is nothing. And they do not believe they are getting a second shipment.
  11. My store still claims that they have not gotten them yet either and have no clue as to when they will ... we shall see! Hopefully tomorrow!
  12. called my store earlier today and the manager says they havent received the mirror ones yet but have received the vernis. and supposedly they arent released until saturday :rolleyes:
  13. Do you know if they got the cosmetic cases in?
  14. My store has received them two weeks ago.

    They are just not supposed to sell them until Feb/1

  15. I called my store to check for them and she told me that she hasn't got any shipment in yet.

    Hopefully, the shipment will come in on Thurs. And she'll give me a call once she has her hands on them.

    But new bags and SLG in new epi colors were in couple weeks ago and they'll also be released on Fri.