Any word on changes to the Lily

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  1. Just wondering if the bag is going to get a make over.
  2. I sincerely hope not! I am brand new to Mulberry, I just got a mini Lily for my birthday. I'm possibly planning on getting another mini lily in another colour and I would really like a regular Lily. However the prices are quite steep for such small bags so I can only really justify getting one for a birthday/anniversary/Christmas. But if they change the lock and get rid of the tree I won't be buying one

    I understand the need for change and growth and attracting new customers but this new customer is already looking at other brands due to the changes. Bring in some new bags sure, but don't mess with the classics please!
  3. Agree :smile:
  4. Lol, don't give them ideas .... Sssshhh
  5. As far as I'm aware there has been no plans to change the Lily since Coca's takeover, just the re-modelled bayswater and the new collection bags :smile:
  6. I spoke to the SA at my local branch yesterday. She wasn't aware of changes, but she did confirm - off the record - that Lily is having a price rise shortly.
  7. Did she give any indication how much or how soon?
  8. Sadly not, but I got the sense that we were talking sooner than later. She did say that she was only aware of the Lily being subject to price rises. She was also diplomatic at best about the Cocayswater...
  9. I read on here a while back about a possible price increase in May but then this weekend when they started advertising the new Bayswater I thought they surely wouldn't want to mess around with prices at a tentative time. Tbh I think the Lily bags are all at about the maximum I would pay for them and that's not to say I couldn't afford more but for what they are it's already verging on ridiculous. I really want a regular Lily but if they hike the price I will look for a bag elsewhere I think :sad: