Any word on a 25% off coupon?

  1. I'm eyeing a Legacy bag, but was trying to hold off until I might receive a coupon.

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. I'm hoping I get one too!
  3. nothing can be rumored until at least march.
  4. I have already started making my list. It is ready to go straight to the SA with all of my style numbers and color choices written down.

    I can't wait to get it.
  5. Same here.
  6. I'm already wanting a coupon, too. Will the new items be out for the PCE?
  7. Aw man I hope I get one!! I got one last time..and since then I bought the large Carly bag!!!! I want to get a wallet to match that bag!!
  8. i did make plenty of purchases this time so I am hoping that i get one too!!!
  9. I've been praying to the Coach gods daily for one....either way some serious damage will be done come March....
  10. How is it determined if you get one or if you get invited to a PCE? I've purchased about $700-$800 in the regular Coach boutique in the last month.

  11. Do a search for PCE. There are many threads on this subject.
  12. I hope I get one too! I was a seasonal employee at an outlet from the end of Thanksgiving shopping, through a couple weeks into December. But I'm not an employee anymore. I hope that didn't remove me from the list.
  13. Does anyone know whether PCE coupon can only be used in the regular boutique? Can I use it on outlet purchase?
  14. ^^ No PCE for outlets.

    There is so much I want, I hope there's a PCE next month ... that would be great!