Any word about add'l cuts at NM?

  1. I didn't even bother going on the 26th, but I wondered if anyone has any intel on further markdowns...
  2. Not sure if you are referring to what is currently offered. There is additional 25% off Sales & Values items. This is automatically discounted when you place items in your shopping cart. Free S&H code: NMSHOP
  3. They did pre-sale in store for any additional markdowns on the 26th. It was additional 25% off the sale price (which was 33% off of the original price). I was in Las Vegas for Christmas and our personal shopper held everything for us on the 24th and rang it all up on the 26th. There were some good deals if you could find sizes. I got some clothes and shoes and my father got several suits, shirts, and ties as far as the sales stuff goes. The other goodies I brought home were not so much on sale. LOL
  4. I'm sure Last Call is sometime in mid January though. From my personal experience though, things are pretty picked over though from Christmas shopping. Maybe there will be returns though?
  5. FanAddict, I love the shoes in your avatar! Can I ask what kind they are?
  6. IIRC, final cut is around 1/4...? Then maybe off to Last Call.
  7. ^^^"Last Call" clearance is the same as their final cut (approximately 65% off). Sorry if I confused anybody. I will find out when it is and post. I know the additional 25% off percentage is good until 1/4/08 online.

    I'm not Fanaddict, but just in case she doesn't see, those are the Miu Miu double strap patent mary jane heels. LOL

  8. haha, thanks so much ashakes! :flowers:
  9. On the east coast the NM stores get the west merchandise for the last call sale (west coast has last call before east in winter). There's always lots of stuff in my experience. It's best to presale for best selection. Don't know exactly when this is, probably mid-January.
  10. thanks, Cathryn!

    and thanks Asha for posting the info :smile: ArtObsessed, they are indeed the Miu Miu, from Fall '07 (made popular by LiLo in Spring '07).
  11. Last Call is offiicially on 16th January, but you can start presaling now (as I did when I was at my local NM on Monday). My CL that I presaled will not be charged to my account (aka can't pick 'em up) until the 16th.
  12. how much further is the additional cut for the last call? just curious
  13. My shoe guy told me Last Call is not until early Feb.
  14. I remember commotion about those at NR on the MUA boards. MMPLMJ or something like that was their accronym.
  15. Someone earlier in the thread said that you guys on the east coast have later dates than those of us on the west coast. :confused1: