Any women's GH besace owners?

  1. Hey ladies! I'm considering purchasing a GH besace messenger, but I never hear much about it on the forum. Does anyone have this bag? Any modelin pics? Pretty, pretty please?!?

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. shameless bump :p
  3. I am so sorry i can tell U i have one in grape and silver hardware.
    But i dont have a good picture of it and i dont have time to make pics and show them to U i am complete full with work and boyfriend andso till next week.
    But i can tell U i do love it its a beauty in purple and i pinched an extra hole and now i can wear it messengerstyl.
    I do love it and i think there is one in black or plomb on the evil- B.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  4. Thanks FX! :yes: