Any Wisconsinites?

  1. I was at the WI Dells outlet today and they have white Alis, whiskey Mandys, one khaki/black hippie bag, a clay 2007 legacy shoulder bag, a clay 2007 legacy flap bag, and a suede embossed shoulder bag in blue. They also have the gold patchwork from last year.

    Yesterday they had 12 whiskey Alis, and at opening this morning they had 1 left - just waiting for me! I always thought I wanted the black, but the whiskey was gorgeous and in perfect condition and I just couldn't walk away.

    Oh, and additional 10% off everything now, too. WI Dells commonly doesn't have much good stuff, so I thought I had better let everyone know!
  2. Oh man, good thing I had one of the whiskey ali's put on hold for me! I'm headed there first thing tomorrow morning to pick it up. I have to drive from the Mn/Wi 94 boarder but it will be totally worth it. I just hope she's in good shape!
  3. I got the last whiskey bag on the rack (I am really lucky - I never even thought to call and have them hold one!) and it is in perfect condition. It has no scratches or discoloration at all. The SAs said they were all like that, and that they had all arrived brand new in their plastic packaging just a day ago, so no one had had a chance to maul them over. So the one they have on hold for you is likely perfect, too!
  4. AH! Seriously!?! Oh that makes me super excited now. I was afraid that I was gonna get there and it was gonna be beat and scratched, lol. I've never been to this coach outlet before but am excited to go. Last time I was in the Dells was right before the coach store opened in March. We go to the Dells every year and now I'm more excited to go since the coach outlet is right there.
  5. ooo bummer wish i could have made it up there in time :sad:
  6. It has taken them a while to get anything worthwhile in, but they are slowly getting there. When they first opened, they had very little. Now there are always a few nice surprises. Like I said, they have some Legacy, both 2006 and 2007, some gold patchwork and I even saw a zipper-top signature stripe tote (a large one - I don't know the style name) and a demim sig stripe pouch. Oh, and they had a Hamptons clutch wallet in chocolate signature that was just gorgeous, but I was on a mission for Legacy, so I didn't get it.

    But they said they didn't get returns or any opened items in their Legacy stock, so not a one of them had a scratch. I don't know if that's entirely true, but all the bags they had on display looked pristine. I hope you enjoy your trip there! The rest of the mall isn't much to write home about, although they do have a nice Banana Republic outlet.