Any wide-legged 7 jeans on sale?

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  1. Would appreciate it if you could share any sightings of reduced-price wide-legged 7 for all mankind jeans you think they're flatterring for apple-shaped women (I know that wide-legged pants look good on pear-shaped women, what do you all think:confused1:)???
  2. i see the Gingers all the time on sale everywhere i go - century 21, Bergdorfs, bloomies, etc.
  3. there's a pair of gingers on sale at Shopbop right now
  4. check out off 5th. i saw dojos and gingers there a couple of weeks ago.

  5. I think wide-leg jeans look good on all women. It just how you match it up. I personally love wide leg jeans. It will definitely look good on you. Good-luck on finding them. They have some at Saks Outlet for about $120 & right now they are having additional 20% off all denim. So, you might want to check it out.