any weight worriers out there?

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  1. by that I don't mean weight watchers or those that try to maintain a healthy weight but people like me that have a tendency to obsess to an unhealthy extent??

    I have had times where I would hop on the scales every few hours or so, and weight has been the all-consuming aspect of my life (leading to a number of issues I don't really want to discuss on a public forum..). I realised it is bec it is one factor I can control but it can take on really unhealthy levels. i have given up scales (but do have a weekly or bi-weekly weigh-in, much better!!!) and only measure myself now.

    do you ever feel the same? or have felt the same and beat the 'weight issue'?

    most of the time for me works to just focus on something else - what do you do?

    btw, this is meant to be a positive and supportive thread but I fully understand if it is deemed going in the wrong direction..... 'keep it clean people' ;)
  2. I tend to jump on the scales every single day, which I realize is unhealthy. I really can't help myself though, its just something about wanting that scale to give me the numbers I want to see...I tried putting the scale in the closet but that doesn't work because I'll go back and get it out a couple of days later. Maybe I just need to throw it away and just buy another one in a few months when I see the tape meaure reading smaller measurements.
  3. I am definitely like you...and have had some issues too...but its with the support of friends, family, and my boyfriend that I made it through, be strong, feel free to PM if you need to talk:smile:
  4. Oh yeah. In high school I was like that and got down to 80 lbs. I look back and now think OMG what was I thinking. And the truth was it was all about my weight an what I ate that day (or more what I didn't eat). I still find myself drifting back toward that every once in while and what I do now is bring out a recent photo of myself in a bikini and it helps as I think my body looks good where I am at and I need to not worry about it. I don't see the same thing when I look in the mirror as I do in my pictures. Weird I know. I know try to just think if my clothes get tighter THEN I can let myself focus on weight for a bit until I get back to my normal weight.
  5. you have to ditch the scales, really. iv been there, i was anorexic in my mid teens for a few years and would jump on the scales more than once or twice a day. if you dont have the scales its not as easy to obsess over your weight. to sort myself out when i came out of hospital i got intouch with a company whole prepare your meals and you meet with their nutritionist once a month. they send you everything(three meals and a snack for everyday). it took me a while and i had the most supportive family and BF and now im up to a normal weight and cant believe i used to think the way i did. im in a happy place now.
    you can PM me if you need any moral support.
  6. There's a commercial (forget what it's for) where it shows people that worry about their weight and they have a bathroom scale shackled to their ankles dragging it everywhere they go. That was me for years (and in my head probably is still me). I've learned that the best gauge for how your weight is doing has nothing to do with your scale and everything to do with how your clothes and rings fit. If they start feeling tight, you need to cut some things out of your diet and exercise more, if they get so loose you feel like they are falling off, then you need to up your calories a bit.

    The best thing to keep tabs on your body with is really a tape measure. Then you truly know where you stand. Scales are deceptive. Monthly water weight puts 10 pounds on me, but tape measures rarely lie. ;)
  7. I hate it when my stomach feels bloated then I'd feel FAT. But luckily, I stay slim no matter what I eat except for the bloat.
  8. Oh God I've been there. I used to obsess about my weight I had to be below a certain number--which usually left me at around 100 pounds...LOL. I am 5'5--so I look TERRIBLE at 100 pounds.
    I was a cheerleader and on the dance team during my school years growing up. I think this attributed to some of my obsessing and unhealthy habits!
    I was a slave to the scale--it went on all the way through college. I just couldn't stay off the scale and I'd exercise excessively. It was crazy. No one even knew I had a problem. Only my mother suspected it. She would tell me that I was perfect just as I was and to not lose any weight and I never believed her. Friends would do the same and I'd never believe them. Even boyfriends----including my now husband would compliment me all the time and I'd never even believe them.

    I don't really know what happened but one day..I just told myself that I was nuts...and that I needed to gain a few pounds. I did it by working out and also eating well but eating junk When I did I was so happy. I liked having curves. I liked me and I didn't fight who I was. I threw the scale out and now just go by how I feel and how my clothing fits. Having kids also helped me to learn to love my body more. I wanted it to be healthy and strong for them both before, during and after my pregnancies. I know that I workout and I eat well most times so I don't obsess any longer. It took me a LONG while to get to this point but I've been this way for a few years now and I'm just much happier. I was never happy at all with my body when I was 100
  9. I can't even weigh myself. When I go to the dr, I tell him not to tell me my weight. He thinks I'm crazy but he obliges. I have tried to think that the numbers aren't important - it's how you look and how your body is proportioned. I'm pretty well-proportioned but I wish my torso was longer so my waist could be smaller, stuff like that. Overall though, when the obsession starts to really kick in, I try my best to exercise and eat ok. I grew up as a ballerina who wasn't thin enough so I know that's where my problem stems from. I think about my body every day, but I hope that one day I will just accept it and stop freaking out about perceived weight gain.
  10. You know what I wonder... at what point in society and time did weight become such a focus? I am not pointing any fingers or trying to sound any way other than asking a real question.

    When I was in high school, I felt perfect with my weight. I never actually weighed myself. I just thought I looked good. It was never a focus. But I still remember to this day the day I realized I was weighing more than the other girls. It was sophomore year in Euro History class. We were supposed to be doing a group project and we got to talking about weight for some reason. The 4 girls in my group all weighed under 105. They all talked about how they wanted to be right at 100 etc. At the time, I was about 5'8 and 130, which when I look at pictures, I was so tiny and fit. I was a competitive swimmer and should not have been anything less than that. But that is the first day I honestly started to think about it.

    I think like others mentioned it is important to focus more on how your clothes fit etc. You will see it that way. Really try to see how you look in the mirror... then again, we all probably have distorted views of ourselves.

    I tell you, we all need to love ourselves, it is hard on people in this society right now to be slim. I feel for us all... :heart:
  11. ITA...but it is just something that I am just obsessed with. I can't help it either, and for those of you who have the same problem, I feel for you. I think it is actually a compolsive action, honestly. It's just that recently, I have become, in my mind, heavy, and I have never "left myself go" like this before.

    Just hang in there, everyone...just like others have said, you have to be able to love yourself. If you don't you will always be miserable no matter how much money you have, where you live, what you do for a living...etc...even skinny girls obsess over weight.

    My ultimate goal is just to be happy with myself the way I am!!! (And GET RID OF THAT DAMN SCALE!!!!;) ).

    I kinda got a tough-lashing for starting a weight thread earlier, and I feel soooo bad for starting it. I honestly hope I haven't got people thinking like me!!! That is the last thing I want!!! Thanks so much for shutting the thread down....we don't need more ppl obsessing over dumb things...just be healthy and happy!!!
  12. Also, sorry to beat a dead horse, so to speak, but I find that I am more focused on my weight now that I am spending more time with my future inlaws...see they like to cut ppl up for various know, always criticizing...."oh she's gained so much weight.." or "did you see how horrible he/she looked tonight?" And even though I know it isn't right, I try so hard to get them to accept me. I am just scared to death that my inlaws will be "whispering" about my recent weigh-gain. But I guess it doesn't matter because the one who actually matters to me, my FH, doesn't mind at all. He just wants me to be happy and healthy. But I guess I am just trying to "fit in" with them. Soooo vain, I know.
  13. My attitude about this: Who cares about the in-laws? You aren't marrying them! In fact, unless you live with them you really don't need to be around them except on holidays!

    I have a hunch that you are whispering to yourself more cruely than anyone else ever would. The only opinion about ourselves that counts is our own. Love yourself, ignore the others and by ALL MEANS ignore those idiotic fashion magazines that subliminally tell us that we all should be a size 0 or we are worthless.
  14. ^^^Thanks!!
  15. Now that I am 40, I realize how much energy I spent on obsessing about my wweight or size. $ years ago I focused on being a healthier person and that has really changed my whole outlook. I will never be a size matter what I do. I try and concentrate on my exercise, and incorporating healthier foods into my diet. Boy, has it taken me YEARS to get I totally understand. It also didn't help that I grew up in a household where my Mom and my aunts were all size 4/6. They really made me feel really different when I was younger. Good luck to everyone. It is a constant battle.