Any weight watchers core plan users?

  1. Hey all, I was previously doing the whole point tracking thing and while I did lose over 10 pounds in a reasonable amount of time, I found it was very, very hard to stay on plan when I started going to school/work full time and I ended up gaining back most of the weight. Has anyone used the core plan and gotten good results? Would you say it's easier or harder to stay on? Any tips? Thanks in advance!
  2. i tried core at the beginning of the summer, and to me, it was much harder to stay on. i need to be able to eat food that is quick and easily transportable (i bring my lunch to work and don't have much time to cook) and core eliminates almost all prepackaged snacks and things like that. if you like to/have time to cook, it might be a good option, but i just found it too work-intensive. i'm back on points and have lost 21 pounds thus far.
  3. Yeah, I looked into a little more and I hadn't realized just how many things were off limits. I really don't know what to do, I know weight watchers works, I just have such a hard time staying on it. :sad:
  4. They have a message board also and when I feel like I am having a hard time staying on track, I will log on and read some of their messages. The meetings also help keep me on track.