Any Wedding Shoe Regrets??

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  1. Hi everyone,

    New to the shoe forum, but I have a shoe question I'm hoping everyone can advise me on ;) ! I'm getting married next year and have fallen in love with a pair of dressy strappy type shoes as my bridal shoe. They have a fairly low heel of 2.5" which will be great because they are comfortable and should be good for dancing. My only worry is that, I might regret that I will not be taller looking I guess. I'm only 5'4" and my fiance is about 5'9". Of course I want to have the tall model look for my wedding, but comfort is also important so I'm torn.

    PS I am not super experienced in wearing sky high heels for extended periods of time which is also a concern, don't want to fall down!!

    Any advice on shoes from your own wedding experiences?
  2. I had the opposite problem, I would have picked like 4" heels but I am 5'9" and hubby is about 6' and I didn't want to be taller than him so my shoes had about a 2.5" heel. No regrets, I still love the shoes! You could always get more than one pair (I had two pair).. one for height in pictures and what not, and one more comfy pair for the reception. Always a good reason to buy multiple pair of shoes.
  3. I got 2 pairs. My main pair was custom made from a friend of the family (my father's family were in women's shoes business -designing and manufacturing- since before WW2 and they have good connections), and I got another one as a back up from a store, that looked a lot like my main pair (only the heels and the size were a little different so each pair could accommodate dif circumstances)... My custom made pair was far more comfy and I still wear them in special occasions.

    Don't worry about height, wear the shoes you love, or else you'll regret it later.
  4. In order to prevent any possible mishaps such as falling down during the wedding, it's best to stick to the height you're comfortable with. You may want to get another pair with a taller height for wedding pics only, not for walking down.
  5. Welcome to the Glass Slipper!
    Since you are not experienced in wearing sky high heels, but your wedding isn't until next year, maybe you have some practice time to work with?
    Personally, I am all about comfort, so I LOVE the "two pair of shoes" idea!!!! (I had ballet flats for my wedding, but that was a million years ago, and I am already 5'10" :P )