Any websites selling authentic designer's bags at outlet price?

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  1. Dear all,

    hope I post my thread at the right place. As a newbie, I'm quite unsure abt which thread goes to where. Pls pardon me if i'm wrong :smile:

    I'm looking for a reliable website selling authentic designer's bags at outlet price. I dun really mind if the bags are from the past season. Anyone know of any such sites?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated and when comes to questions about authenticity of bags, I know I can count on all the wise divas here :smile:

    Thank you!
  2. any specific brands?
  3. i'm looking for prada and gucci :smile:
  4. For Gucci and Prada, have you tried ebay?
  5. actually kinda afraid to buy off ebay. afraid of buying a fake :smile:

    any recommended seller?
  6. Did you have a look of the site I recommended but it does not have any Gucci or Prada... tons of Louis Vuitton though
  7. Yup I went to the site and tons of Louis Vuitton. But I'm gg for Prada and Gucci this time :smile:

    Thanks for the link ;) Really appreciate it :smile:
  8. Anyone know a good site to buy nice Furla bags at outlet prices?
  9. Oh, OK:okay: In that case, please visit each of those forums we have here, best to go straight to hose forums where it's very likely your question has been answered often:yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.