Any websites sell authentic preloved Bbags?

  1. I would love to buy a balenciaga. However, being a college student with a part time job makes it nearly impossible for me to afford to buy a new one b/c I refuse to get into debt. I'd love to buy a used one but I can't find any reputable websites that sell them. I'm afraid of eBay because I've heard so many horror stories. Do you guys know of any websites that sell authentic used Bbags xxx? TIA!
  2. Realdealcollection sells new bags to bags that have been gently carried. They are listed under "reputable stores".
  3. Also And
  4. sells new bags, but they have some styles/colors for less than retail.

    also, as far as eBay goes, there is a wealth of knowledge in the authenticate this thread in the bal shopping forum.
  5. Check out the etailers listed in the reference forum (shopping). Some of the sites even offer 60-days layaway:smile:
  6. OMG!

    I was wondering the same thing.
    I'm going to check out these websites!!!

    Is it 100% AUTHENTIC??
  7. yes, 100% authentic, we don't suggest fakes here.
  8. thank u!!!
    i will buy!!!

    oh and on
    they say something about "moth ball smell" what is that? what does it smell like??
  9. Moth balls smell chemically bad, I don't know how else to describe it.
  10. Definitely keep away from anything with a mothball smell. They're really stinky chemicals, pretty toxic, to repel and kill moths. You don't want to wear something that not only smells unpleasant, but wear the fumes could be harmful to you. The smell is supposed to "air out" after a while, but I can usually still smell it.
  11. woow, i didn't know it was that serious~
    how do you get the moth ball smell??

    b/c from they said that customers have claimed that all their bags smell like moth balls???

    aww poo. so i guess i wont be ordering from them
  12. Interesting.....So I just checked out their site and read their disclaimer about the mothball smell. I don't care if the bag was free! I would not want a mothball smelling bag:throwup:. You should definitely try one of the other sites for bbags.