Any website w/ discounted True Religion jeans and or accepts coupon codes for them?

  1. I tried getting them from Revolve, thought I could use the coupon code but apparently TR is excluded. None of the jeans on sale on Revolve is in my size... :sad:
  2. Jt gives you 15% off them
  3. If you're in CA, there is a True Religion outlet store at the Cabazon outlets!
  4. I emailed revolve re. coupons, etc. and this is the reply:

    "Please remember, per manufacturer request, we are unable to code/coupon match the following brands: True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Paige Denim, Nudie, Botkier, Kooba, Joe's Jeans, Lutz and Patmos, Jovovich Hawk, Vena Cava, Cheap Monday, Clu, Sea, Common Projects, Rogues Gallery, Rose, A. Lawless, Band of Outsiders, Wayne, & Bing Bang. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. We look forward to doing business with you!"

    So I am assuming that all coupons are inapplicable to TR jeans...
    Or are some coupons still applicable?
  5. They never stock the popular styles though (like Johnny or Billy), or they only have them large sizes. :sad:
  6. You should call them back. I've always used the jt code on my true religion, I just used it the other day to order my motor psychos. Codes that offer more than 20% off of the price of the jeans are not allowed to be used to provide discounts.
  7. ^^Ah, thank you. Didn't know there was a 20% limit.
    I'll try to use it and see what happens.
  8. I used the JT and it worked! Not as good as 30% first timer, but still good.
    Thanks guys!
  9. :tup:This was posted a few days ago:
    40% off the site with the code HOLIDAYST . It expires 1/4 @midnight.
  10. ^^damnnnn that's a pretty good deal there! Thanks! I couldn't find the style I wanted (Johnny) so I will keep my Revolve order, but I think I may have to order another pair!!! :tup:
  11. you might want to try this site

    they have free shipping on all orders and on top of that $30 off for purchase of $200.. $40 off for purchase of $300..
  12. ^^Thank you! Very good deals indeed. Arrrrgh, they are all out of 25s in Ava. :sad:
  13. There are TONS of TR's at every Nordies Rack, Saks off 5th, ect. Usually in most every size. Keep checking department stores online, too. ... they usually post designer jeans in sales - but they usually get picked up too quickly to catch!
  14. yeah they have it at the outlets but they aren't the high end TRs.....the ones with the nice stiching. The ones at the outlets are always the basic designs
  15. you should go right now because i work at the true religion retail store in san jose and we just shipped out 30 boxes of all our older stuff over there!