any website for cocktail dress or wedding dress?

  1. i'm now looking for a wedding dress (best for knee-high,bczo i don;t like full-length dress)...., any idea for the brand or pic ? ( less than 5000usd)
    is there any website for wedding or cocktail dress with their price on it?
    anyone has idea for the price of ysl or gucci's cocktail dress ?
  2. iamomi.
    You have got to take a day somewhere lovely and go and try them all on! A Gucci cocktail dress can cost from 3000 up to 7000 depending on the embellishment. Do you have a good friend that you can take with you. Its a really special day so you should be drinking champagne and shopping in real life :smile:
    as an example Net-A-Porter has a large range of different priced dresses. you could pay over 4000 dollars for a burberry Prorsum cocktail dress
    Burberry Prorsum Tiered lace dress - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    and a similar price for a Roberto Cavalli dress
    Roberto Cavalli Ruched evening gown - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  3. ^^^Just wanted to say -- I love the advice you give in posts, chloe-babe! It's very spot on!
  4. What about J. Crew?

  5. aww shucks, thanks honey :shame:
  6. thx everyone ~~

    chloe-babe~ l love that burberry dress ~~
  7. I agree iamomi, how fab would that look on a wedding day, part retro, but pure class :biggrin:
  8. It would definitely be a stunning choice!!