Any way to order Cuban-style espresso at Starbucks? Recommendations please!

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  1. Lately I've been craving that intense, sweet Cuban coffee, but I can't figure out how to order a reasonable facsimile at Starbucks. Anyone have any suggestions, aside from making my own at home? :biggrin:

    I tried a flat white with an extra shot & raw sugar. Ok, but not really strong enough and flavor profile wasn't the same. The closest thing I see on the menu might be espresso macchiato, then just add raw sugar? Just wondering if maybe someone else has discovered a secret recipe.

    From the article this is how Starbucks did a cortadito and a café con leche:

    The Starbucks cortadito I ordered was enormous. It came in an 8-ounce “short” paper cup, and when I checked my receipt, it rang up as a double macchiato with one pump of white mocha syrup and three packets of raw sugar.

    The café con leche rang up as a triple macchiato with two pumps of white mocha and four sugars.
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