Any way to buy from Gucci UK??

  1. Arrgh! I just realized that I can't make a purchase from Gucci UK's website!! When you go to checkout it reads 'mainland UK and Northern Ireland clients only'. I thought I read this in a recent thread, so I checked it out myself. I was hoping the Grace bag from the UK cruise line would go on sale in a few weeks, but I have NO idea how I could purchase it!

    Is there any way around this??
  2. you are gonna get it afterall! I wanted it too but there as no way to do it!

    over the months I met a few girls from the UK on this site and was gonna have one of them receive it for me and then send it to me!

    I couldn't even find it on eBay.

    but now I'll have to wait becuase I just got my black one this morning!
  3. Yes, I really want it, and since it's part of the cruise line I thought it might go on sale! I wonder if you call a boutique there if they would handle it over the phone? I wouldn't mind having someone act as a go-between, as long as they were trustworthy. If you happen to find anything out, let me know, because if it does go on sale, I would love to try to get one.

    I love your new bag, by the way! I really like the wave style, I wish they had them in the guccissima leather. Can't wait to see pics to see how it looks IRL!
  4. I'll keep my eyes open for you....