Any Washington, DC area Hermes resellers?

  1. OK, blame in on my Fiance' - I'm hooked now. I got some twillys/charms yesterday, now I want another Birkin or Kelly. Anybody know of a reseller in the DC area?

    Ya'll didn't tell me that getting one bag was gonna make me like a crack fien!!!!!;)
  2. another addict here...I am also dying to know of other places...

    I once saw a 28 CM Kelly in Gold at Annie Creamcheese for $2,000 (what a bargain). This was probably two years ago when her store was in Arlington. She has since moved to Georgetown. I would guess every now and then she gets one in. It's best to call her ahead of time and ask. There is also a dealer of luxury secondhand stuff in NW DC. I forget the name of the place, but she has been noted in articles as being a reseller of authentic Hermes.
  3. Is the dealer in Georgetown on Wisconsin? There is a 2nd hand store down the street from me on Conn. Ave., in the Cleveland Park area, I was in there yesterday, she had tons of Hermes orange boxes, but had never sold any bags:confused1:
  4. Here it is from the Hermes Brick & Mortar resellers:
    Inga’s Once Is Not Enough

    Inga's Once Is Not Enough
    4830 MacArthur Boulevard NW
    Washington DC
    (202-337-3072) or (703) 549-1129 (not sure which is correct)
  5. As another D.C. resident, this info. could really come in handy! :graucho: