any wallet suggestions?

  1. I know there has been alot of wallet talk on the don't get mad...

    I was thinknig of getting a wallet/agenda before the price incease....It can be up to 330. I had these in mind...



    (Either in the Monogram Canvas or the Pomme d'amor/Framboise)

    (Probably in the Noir

    Hold on...I'll post more...


  2. more favorties:

    Porte Monnaie Plat

    (Pic is not showing up)


    Koala Agenda PM (with the rose interior

    Small Ring Agenda (either in Framboise or Pomme d'amour)

  3. I'd go with the Ludlow wallet!
  4. I like the Ludlow too.
  5. Indigo is a beauty...I hope they still come with wallets.
  6. i like the koala wallet
    i got the azur one
  7. Pomme Ludlow!
  8. This is so tough!!!!!!!!!

    I'd go with Ludlow - Mono or Framboise!
  9. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow :yes:

  10. :yes: agree!!! super HOT!!!
  11. Azur Koala
  12. pomme ludlow...
  13. cozy! lol :biggrin:
  14. Yup! I think the one will be just divine!