Any Wallet Suggestions?

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  1. Just purchased an awsome Balenciaga bag in apple green. Im not real fond of the B wallets tho. Any suggestions??:biggrin:
  2. I like the LV suhali PT in black. I was also looking at some Dooney & Bourke wallets. What do you have in mind?
  3. Just ask how much you going to spend and how much stuff you need to carry.
  4. Hi and congratulations on the new bag :biggrin:

    i am not sure if you'll like this.. but i personally saw it and i am madly in love with it.. (the iceland wallet) from Swarovski (its the first one on your left)

    the pic doesnt really say all what this beautiful piece has to offer (and speacially the icy one the color is way more lovely in real life!! loool :lol: )

    i am concediring getting one for myself in a few weeks :nuts: .. and one now for my friend as a graduation's gift.. :love:

    as u see it comes in camel and black..

    honoustly the icy one is the cooooolest ever and metalic colors as i heard are the fashion now! :smile:

    even the camel one is soooooooo cute :love: (i also saw it)

    while i didnt like the black one..:Push:

    i've posted the pic of the large ones also as another choice :biggrin:

    i think what ever brand you choose.. i suggest you go with camel color or white.. it'll go perfect with apple green :love:

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  5. Vanilla they are cute! I am also looking for a wallet myself!heehee
  6. ranskimmie? Do you like funky style?Or classy or....etc..
  7. vanilla you gave me a nice idea
  8. I know!! :love: you should see them really.. my GOD i cant believe while i am writting this i am recalling how the camel one cought my eyes as well!!

    now i am confused which i like most!! :blink:

    maybe i should buy mine in icy.. and my friend's in camel.. and then we'd switch every now and then!! << she is my best friend.. i am sure she wont mind <looool> :lol:

    glad to please ;)
  9. Did you see them in person already???
  10. i did yes :nuts: exactly last week!
  11. Well,
    since my new bag is apple green, I am open to anything. I am more of a funky type of girl. Love lots of colors and styles, my wallet now is my LV white multicolor, which would go fine with my new bag. Im just ready for something new. Know what I mean?:biggrin:
  12. I kinda like the paddy wallet suggested on one of the thread here ( here somewhere)
  13. congrats on the new bag!

    i like the chanel cambon wallets! or the LV french purse in vernis

    i need a wallet, right now i'm using my leather bmw wallet...but most of the time its my chanel card holder and vernis pochette cles for change