Any Volvo owners out there?? Input please..

  1. DH and I are looking for a vehicle for me...I am seriously considering a Volvo XC-90. I have been driving an Audi A6 for the last couple years and want something that will be versatile and durable. I know the gas mileage isn't the best, but I'm hoping to get 20mpg. Does anyone have any input for me? I would really appreciate any info! Any big issues with this vehicle? Thanks!!
  2. Anyone? Bump...
  3. Ooo,I had an oooooold Volvo,and until I rolled it (it saved my life!!!) it looked crap,but it had heated seats (mmmm in the winter!!) And it was the most reliable sturdy car,always felt safe in it!! Mind you I suppose you'd feel that way in one of those big beasts!!
    It just seemed to be well made,and though it was'nt a top of the range one,it did'nt feel plasticky and crappy as some cars that sold for the same money.
    I found the after care in the garages fantastic too!!
  4. My mom has this exact car! I'm in LOVE with it... it's the most comfortable ride ever, and I love how music sounds in it. :p

    Plus it's very roomy. Overall, great reviews from my family about this car! The mileage actually isn't that bad either. And I've heard great things about Volvo and safety. We always use this car for traveling, drove 9 hours to Rhode Island in it, and stopped for gas....2 times?... not more than 3.

    Ours also has the one with the separate radio in the second row of seats where you can plug in headphones and change tracks/stations separately from the main sound system. I love this because my parents HATE my music, so when traveling, I can listen to my music and they can listen to theirs!

    Great car, you will love it if you get it!
  5. Oh God, I LOVE this car. I've got the V8 one. A guy waved me down last week and when I slowed, gave me the thumbs up and yelled our "Great Car". Lol, he turned around and got into his one. And he was cute too!

    Seriously, the best car...........and safe too.
  6. My mom has this car in white. She LOVES IT! It is extremely safe, gets good to average gas milegage, drives well in the winter, and has lots of great "standard" perks. The only thing that I don't like is the headrests. I drive an Audi A4 and I like those a lot better. The Volvo headrests seem a little large to me. Otherwise, she raves about it!

  7. We have it. We bought it for safety, and you can tell when you're in it, it just feels really solid. I think that's why the mileage isn't the best.

    Overall we are happy with it, but my one beef with it is that the rear door isn't on a remote control, so it can get heavy and be a pain if you are loading and unloading from the back a lot and have your hands full with other things. Maybe this is an option we didn't get? Not sure.
  8. I have an s80 and I loooove it. The gas mileage isn't the greatest-- I think today it said my average was 18.5mpg for a combination of highway and city. But it has a huge tank so I don't have to fill it often and I put the cheap gas in it. It's a very practical, reliable car. I've owned a Mazda, Mercedes and 2 Hondas and this is definitely my favorite car all-around. It has ~80k miles on it and it's never needed any repairs besides normal maintenance :tup:
  9. We have one and like it. Most compact car with 3 rows IMO. Better room than the Lexus Gsomething.
  10. I'm on my third Volvo and will never switch! Safe, reliable, so cute...I love them!
    I have the V40 (the sport wagon). It is seriously the most ridiculously convenient size in a car ever.
  11. We've got an S80 2.9. It's like a hotel room on wheels. It feels like you're driving a tank (in a good way! I mean you feel safe). The only down side, if something breaks, it's fairly expensive to fix (they were going to charge us $600 for a cracked side mirror!) But overall it's been very reliable!
  12. I drove two Volvos, very safe, reliable cars!
  13. my family drove volvos for years, but will not be buying another one. my dad has gone back to the BMWs that he always loved, and my mom doesn't like how the company has changed since Ford bought it, so she'll probably get a Lexus when it's time for a new car (i have a 2004 Toyota 4Runner that she loves, which is why she wants a Lexus).

    Since she's been having our Volvos serviced by the same shop since I was 4 years old (and I'm not about to graduate college...), she knows the owner well and he said that the Ford-produced Volvos aren't the kind of workhorse, reliable cars that they used to be, and he had a XC-90 and didn't like it at all, but his was from the first model year and they may have made improvements since then. It certainly seems like many tPFers have had many good experiences, so they may be worth a look.

    I will also say that my mother has an unnatural, all-encompassing hatred for everything that the Ford corporation does.
  14. I've got a Volvo V70 and LOVE LOVE LOVE her (yes shes a girl) It is such a reliable car, does good in the snow and ice, is soo comfy and has a good amount of cargo space - its the perfect car for me. I've had it for 1.5 yrs now and plan to drive it for 5 more, and will for sure be getting another after this one.
  15. Ford aquired the Volvo company, but they're not made by Ford. The Volvo headquarters are still in Sweden and the cars are still manufactured in Europe. My parents owned 2 Volvos ~20 years ago and it's too hard to compare them to my new one, because cars have changed so much since then. But I can tell you from personal experience that my s80 is just as reliable as my Honda Accord was and it handles a LOT better than my sister's $60k Lexus :shrugs: