Any visual aid for these Gucci sunglasses please?

  1. I really like these glasses:
    Gucci Sunglasses
    But in the grey.
    If there's any problem viewing it, they should be selected... but are the pink "shield" kind of pair.

    In any case, I'm really curious about that bar... and want to know how it looks on someone before I buy. I will almost definitely be buying through online though.

    Thanks so much for any help!
  2. I don't have those, I have a pair that is similar:

    I always get a ton of compliments when I wear them... everyone says I look like a rockstar. The ones you are looking at are very similar so I think you'll be ok... I don't know if that bar will be annoying though.. I doubt it. In any case, Gucci online takes returns so if you're not happy you can always send it back!
  3. I loooove those ones... but the problem is, my boyfriend's sister has them. Why is that a problem? Because I have like two of the same bags as her and it's just awkward. I've tried to convince myself it's not that big of a deal, but it is; I don't know! haha.
    Thank you so much for answering my post! Do you know if Gucci ever came out with similar glasses to the ones I'm interested in, but without that bar? I saw a picture of a girl with them but, not on them... just clipped to their clothes, but I like that sheilded look and I noticed the horsebit detail.
    Thanks again!
  4. Cool, thithi! I have the exact pair as yours, but in an amber color with amber gradiated lenses. They are definitely my "rock star" sunnies along with my pair of Versace oversized sunnies. They are deep burgundy with the crystal encrusted Medusa medallion on the temples. :rochard:

    Me loves both! :tender:
  5. thithi - I have those too! I love them because they frame my face really well.
  6. Hmm.. Not sure if this helps but I had smaller ones from last winter in black...
    I really liked them a lot. I ended up selling them but I did love them when I had them.
  7. I think you should go for it, good sunglasses that look good on are really hard to come by. Who cares if she already has them? It's not like you hang out with her all the time anyway. These square rimmed frames are very complimenting on most people. And since you are having doubts about the other pair, I wouldn't go for it, esp bc of that strange bar.

    Hahaha! I guess these glasses really do rock! great taste everyone!
  8. Okay, I think I've changed my mind to those other ones!

    I have the imitation ones from Aldo... and I think they fit my face good, but I don't see the actual Gucci ones being too far off. But I seriously photoshopped the ones I wanted in the first place onto my face efficiently, and they might be a little bit too big. I'm so happy I did that. But I'm buying off eBay... so it depends on the prices because I wanted them cheap.
    I found the ones on that link for $120 with the shipping, but the other ones, those shield typed ones without the rims, those have bids... no idea what they could get up to tomorrow.

    But I feel weird getting them because my bf's sister has them. I have a Coach bag she has but lined with a different color, and a Louis Vuitton bag but in a smaller size. She made them look TDF. I'm just afraid these sunglasses are a bit much because she has them!

    Any insight is appreciated. eBay makes everything feel urgent, haha.
  9. Here's my amber pair. Have you thought about just going with a different color?
    guccisunnies2.jpg guccisunnies.jpg
  10. oo I like those on you!

    I thought about another color... I don't think they come in white though which was my alternative option from the black. I've seen them in white but I think they were only imitations but I'm not sure.
  11. I wooooon! I went back and forth and back and forth, and even started looking at Chanel ones on top of these two Gucci ones.

    I got the ones I was initially going to get. I won them at about $75, and the grand total was about $87.50 !!

    People actually bid and kept it cheap; I'm happy.
    But let's see what I get, haha. They have so many super expensive things for sale and that they've bought, so I'm really going to assume they're real until I get them just because it appears that's the type of items this person owns, you know? We'll seee!

    No offense to them of course, but really, can you help but wonder especially reading the threads on here?