Any Vintage Hermes Lovers Outhere?

  1. Hello,

    Can someone please tell me if they are familiar with this particular Hermes model :drool:?

    I know it's called Pullman and that's pretty much it.

    I have googled it, but i could find anything else.

    If you have any idea in what year this was made and a bit of its history please leave a message.

    Also, any idea how much this bag is worth if it's crocodile?

    Thank you!:yes:

  2. Hi sorry am of no help
    I have heard of the bag ( I think)
    There is a great japanese book that has all of there bags in it
    I will try and find it
  3. This model has been in production from before the 50's and was discontinued some time in the 70's, I believe. This one looks to be in good condition and you're lucky to find one still with the original clochette. Ask for pictures of the corners, where it tends to have the most wear. Being box, make sure it is also not overly dry. It has a central compartment and the side panels form extra pockets. Think of it as a sac mallette with side panels. It is a very rigid design and from what I've seen came in 3 sizes. I don't have the exact specs, but the small one is around 28cm. I would say this bag holds as much as a Kelly of comparable size. The interior is usually lined in lambskin. These are sometimes not stamped with a datestamp, so it can be impossible to find an exact year of production.