any vintage collectors?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new here, but was wondering if any of you are vintage Hermes collectors?

    My collection includes a "C" year 35cm Barenia Birkin (which I guess is not truly vintage - except that I bought it second hand and it has a glorious patina), an original 1984 (!!) HAC in Veau Chamonix, a Rouge H 35 cm from the 50s and a rigide black 28cm Kelly from the 70s. I also have a huuuuge dark brown toile/fjord garden party bag, also bought second hand.

    I'm hoping to get "on the list" at some point, but no success so far. I have a relationship with a SA, as I get my bags cleaned, but I don't seem to be building any goodwill points that will translate into a new Birkin!
  2. hi piaffe -- i thought it would only be appropriate that i bet the first to welcome you!

    i seem to be starting a vintage collection . . . and i'm seriously jealous of the barenia birkin!
  3. Me, me, me!!!! Actually, I have a good mix of old and new. A few of my vintage pieces I purchased so I can "study" the bags and get a feel of the aging process of leathers. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to have a Barenia Birkin?

    My vintage pieces are my black croc sac mallette, black croc pochette trim, burgundy Fonsbelle, Rock, and black box Pullman.
  4. Welcome Piaffe! Sounds like you have an amazing collection already! PICS PICS PICS! Would love to see your barenia birkin:love::drool:

    You have a black box pullman???? OMG! You must post pics! That has to be out of this world gorgeous!
  5. Welcome, Piaffe! Vintage lover here too!!!! I only have two (toile/Box combo Kelly from the 60's and Porosus Croc Kelly from the 50's) but I'm always, always on the look-out! I'd LOVE to see pics of yours if you get a chance and don't mind positng here.......
  6. Well - I'm at work now, but I'll try to get photos up in the next couple of days. The Barenia and Veau Chamonix are incredible leathers because with age, they really "glow". Is Barenia discontinued? I thought it was chosen as the leather to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Birkin?
  7. FYI to you non-horsey folks, it's not that i have delusions as to my own importance -- "piaffe" is a dressage term.

  8. p.s. I only paid 4000$ for it!!
  9. LOL, I noticed that... I know it's a different threat, but Dressage Queen, I would be *all over* the vintage black bag.
  10. Eeewww, you're killing me here. If this upper respiratory virus doesn't get me, you certainly will!!!!
  11. Awww, feel better, HG. Maybe I can find a lantern charm for you - that would make you feel better! Now I'm on the hunt (although it took about three years for me to find one for myself!).
  12. no, HG -- be encouraged, as it shows what's possible!

    now piaffe, we simply must know -- where DO you shop?!!
  13. Three years!!!! :crybaby:
  14. I purchased the Barenia 2 or 3 years ago from - I think - authentic louis vuitton designer handbags used vintage preowned gucci hermes pucci vintage jewelry coach prada clothing shoes silk scarf bottega veneta dior chanel fendi discount (I keep all the paperwork and invoices in the bag, so I can check that). The HAC was from a vendor on ebay, sireve. I noticed that auction immediately: the bag was listed as a Kelly for $500. It was her first ebay auction too, which meant that there was not a lot of interest (photos weren't great, no feedback, etc.). I thought it was real, but that the vendor was clearly not familiar with ebay, and helped her with the auction. I lost out in the final seconds... $2700. However, as fate would have it, the successful bidder made strange on payment (wanted to have a "friend" send a personal cheque in 2 parts, or something), and she walked away, offering it to me for the same price. She and I ended up talking on the phone and building a relationship (and I paid via CC directly, because she owns galleries... she used to hang out with Anne Getty!).

    The Kellys were both ebay purchases; the Rouge H has a great story to it. The seller was in England and had an elderly neighbour who, every once in a while, would be picked up by a Royal limousine. The neighbour had gone to school with the Queen Mother, so would get invitations to tea at Windsor great Park from time to time. The seller started doing "extra" work, and mentioned to her neighbour that she needed 50s accessories for a period drama; the neighbour said she had just the thing, handed over the Kelly and told her to keep it (!!!). Apparently one of the Queen Mother's corgis peed on it, once... Anyhow, seller took it to Hermes, spent 500 pounds refurbishing it (new handle and clochette) and sold it (to me, with Hermes receipt) on ebay for $2000.

    The garden bag I bought from another ebay seller I befriended. I lost out on an auction for a Barenia/toile Birkin (after talking on the phone with the seller, a PR maven in NYC), but she sold it to me for $800 (garden bag). I also bought a brown togo Birkin from her for $2500, which is in Paris being cleaned, which I sold to my mother.

    My view is that you can, any day of the week, pick up an authentic vintage Kelly on ebay. The Birkins are MUCH harder.