Any Victoria Secrets Codes??

  1. Has anyone got codes for Victoria's Secret??? Would really really appreciate it!!
  2. Thanks for the website!!
  3. You're welcome :smile:
    BTW, that link is directly to the page where they update with new coupon codes all the time. Whenever I feel like buying from VS, I ALWAYS check that page. I'm trying to cut down on my spending though! I used to place 2-3 orders a month because the deals were so good!!
  4. anyone has codes? I know they have $15 when you spend 150 or something like that..but I am looking better codes?
    I tried the link above,that doesn't work anymore
  5. I think the link is an old one since the posts were from April. Maybe someone has an update for us?
  6. I got a card in the mail for a $10 reward but i'm not going to use it. The webcode is "FA76313" and you have to use your Angel's card. Works on anything :smile:
  7. nvm, it blocked the url
  8. if it was supposed to be starred out, i don't think the mods want the URL posted for a reason...
  9. thanks for posting.