Any vets or animal med experts? I could use some help

  1. I've had the most hellish few days with my cat. He completely stopped eating and was vomiting and having diarrhea, and after $1200 worth of unnecessary tests, the vet finally agreed that it was nothing...just a flu that would fix itself and all he needed was to be placed on fluids for 2 days. Anyway, I had to take him to animal emergency last night because they were the only ones that are open 24-7 and can administer the fluids overnight, and during the 4 hour wait I noticed that fluid bag they had given him at the vet was expired. I don't mean expired by a few days, but expired over 16 months ago. Does anyone know what the dangers of pumping a cat with expired fluids for a full day are? I'm going to call the vet later on but I just want to know what I'm talking about before I do. The name of the fluid is Normosol. Also, anyone know if there are any proper procedures for reporting this kind of thing, particularly in Canada? Thanks for the help.
  2. Do you have any other vets that are highly recomended that you could turn to for a 2nd opinion?? You could have your files transferred to the new clinic and hopefully get away with minimal new charges?? PM me if you want a referral to a vet that I really respect in Scarborough - they are very good but expensive.

    I am STUNNED!! Expired fluids at the emerg clinic??? Did you mention it to the attending vet or tech or anyone??? Are you sure it was the expiery date and not the manufacture date? (sorry had to ask!)... Perhaps another vet could better answer this question, or even a tech may be helpful... the emerg clinic really reallly needs this brought to their attention though (IMO you should get a free visit, or at least free fluids [who wants to pay for crazily expired anything!!]). If they have more they need to toss it!

    I think since it is sterile fluid, it should be ok. Perhaps any electrolites in it may have lost their potency?? Totally uneducated guess there, lol. Regardless please let the clinic know and get a 2nd opinion.

    Oh - and request SUB-Q fluids (subcutanious fluids). This is quick and easy and will not take 4 hours. It will be like a big bubble of water under the skin that is abosrbed over a few days (kind of camel-esque). Quick and dirty and inexpensive... some vets also have an electrolite powder you can mix up in water and adminster orally with a siringe - not as good as sub-q, but better than nothing.

    Phewf. Sorry for the long post, but I hope something helps!! Good luck!!
  3. ^ Thanks for the help! The expired fluids were actually from the vet clinic that he was at before I had to take him to emerg. That clinic closed at 8 so he had to be in emerg overnight, but the vet gave me the fluid bag anyway since it wasn't completely over...I noticed that it was expired while I was waiting to be admitted at emerg (which took 4 was like waiting at a human hospital!), and when I told the emerg doctor he was extremely nice about it and gave us another one, regardless of the fact that it wasn't their bag or their mistake. Also, it was definitely the expiry date, which completely shocked me because the vet that gave him the fluid literally charged us an arm and a leg for nothing, and still gave us expired fluids.

    I'm going to pick him up from the clinic in about 2 hours, so I'll ask for another opinion and about the other options for keeping him hydrated. I've asked around all day and have been told it could just be less effective, or could actually be really bad because of bacteria growth. I would love to get more opinions if anyone has any.
  4. I am a vet. Please get a second opinion from another veterinarian who can look at the cat. It's really hard to post without knowing the test results. The expired fluid bag is hard to excuse; in all likelihood, there is no danger to the cat, but it certainly seems sloppy. SQ fluids are not the way to go.
  5. TYVM lizavet8 - I am sorry for posting an incorret suggestion. They saved my pup from parvo so I have a tendancy to think they are always a good alternative to IV fluids. My bad. :push:
  6. SQ Fluids MIGHT be great! It's just that sometimes, the initial dehydration is too severe for the animal to utilize the sq fluids, and they just sit there. Other times, that IV line is an important way for us to get med in at an infusion rate in the bag. I'm glad your puppy survived Parvo-I treat WAY too much of that!!!:yes:
  7. Hey asark! I am so sorry about your kitty. I know it can be scary. While I have no advice on the expired fluid(except that I am shocked, and would bring this up to your vet), but I do have advice on the sickness. My cat went through something like that a few months ago. She was under a lot of stress. We moved to a new area, new house, I went away for a week(we were in the new house for about two days, then went on vacation), so I wasn't there with my kitty, while I was gone, my aunt came over a few times to visit, and there was a big loud thunderstorm. This caused her to have occasional diaharrea and it seemed she threw up every 15 minutes or so after all of that. We took her to the emergency vet hospital where she was tested(blood test, xray, etc.) Everything looked relatively normal, so they thought it could be stress. They prescribed a few meds:
    - Carafate 10mL/g x 45cc, given three times a day until gone (3 cc 3 times daily)
    - Reglan 1mg/mL x 15cc, given three times a day until gone (1.5 cc 3 times daily)
    -Acepromazine 10mg , 1/4-1/2 tab 6-8 hours as needed for anxiety.
    She started all three of these meds the next day, and she gradually got a lot better, and when all of the meds were finished, she was as good as new, which proved it had to be stress. She still takes acepromazine as needed for car trips, vet visits, etc., to keep her calm. I would suggest stress at a new vet. What they were going to do if these meds didn't work, was to inject dye into her, and every fifteen minutes or so, take an xray to see how it is moving through her system to see if there is any type of blockage(perhaps something she ate of the floor or anything), luckily she never had to do that. I know it is very scary, I was crying at the ER vet, but thankfully it turned out to be something as simple as stress.
    Your kitty will be better in no time. :smile:
    Btw: I would look into pet insurance if I were you. You pay at the vet then a few weeks later you are reinbursed.
  8. yeah, what would the possible reason be to admin SQ as opposed to an IV for dehydration?
  9. I totally understand! Thank you for the clarification!! And thank you for your kind words too :smile: