Any Veterinarians here?!

  1. Just curious to see if there is anyone in the same field into luxury like i am.

    I'm a new graduate vet that is now working in the poultry industry and i just love my labels and luxury goods. Most of my vet friends don't share the same sentiment and "aren't as fancy". I love to dress up but in my industry it's abit of a waste wearing cashmere and designer silks when you end up smelling like chicken sh%* everyday. However i still carry my luxury bags to work. That's the only bit of "fanciness" i suppose i can have.

    I work in the country as well so no one appreciates labels which i'm fine with as i carry them to satisfy myself. I am also the dressiest at work (which by my standards is actually really daggy and casual)

    Should probably also mention that i'm a city girl that moved to a new state and into a rural area for work so it's a real big change for me.

    But enough talk, any vets out there similar?!

    Sorry for the long post.