Any Vert d'eau out there?

  1. Does anyone know if there are any leftover vert d'eau cities or days out there....besides eBay? THANKS
  2. Cultstatus in Australia has one, according to the updated stocklist they sent me on Friday. Export price is AUD$1723.00.


    ETA: They had a City, not Day.

  3. HI, I am right there with ya. I would love to find a first in this color :crybaby: I could kick myself over and over for not getting one when they were available. Good Luck with you hunt.
  4. Thanks for the info!
  5. This may not be the best of help, but I just bought a gorgeous Vert D'Eau Weekender from Seiko at Aloha Rag. The leather is the best of my collection!!! They may have some City's or Day's left...Email Seiko at
  6. nutz4 - did you see that Aloha Rag still had a Vert D'eau Twiggy? I thought that was one of the styles you were considering...

  7. I just rec'd an email from aloharag and they have about every style in vert d'eau...including a first! we may be in luck:tup:

    THANKS for all the help in this thread...this is why I love tPF!
  8. has some too!
  9. Just ordered from Seiko at Aloha Rag! She is very nice and responds to my emails quickly. Will post pics when I get the bag...she said the leather was nice and thick with just a few wrinkles!! Looking forward to it...Thanks for your help:tup:
  10. ^ congrats! you'll love it! it's my fav from my collection
  11. Congrats Peppers :yahoo:! Which one did you end up getting? A city or day? I'm still deciding whether I want to go for the Vert Deau or Seafoam. Or maybe one in a city and one in a first.
  12. I got a city-they did not have any days left....I was considering seafoam also....but I ended up getting vert deau b/c of the pewter hardware; (already have some bbags w/silver hardware). Hopefully it will be a smooth transaction! This is my first time ordering from Aloha Rag.
  13. was about to rec AR to you, peppers90. congrats! and i'm sure it'll be a breeze. what did you mean about pewter hardware? on the seafoam, is it? seafoam is v pretty, too :biggrin:
  14. Sorry Glossie! I meant l was looking for regular brass hardware (NOT silver like on seafoam~) got confused in my excitement he he...will let you know how is goes!!
  15. I got my Verty city today! She has great, thick leather. Thanks for all the info on AR-their customer service was superb. Will post some pics soon!