Any Versace Lovers?

  1. I just havent seen too much Versace on here. Sorry if I'm actually repeating a thread or just blind. Does anyone own any? I found these satchels online. I think they're gorgeous, I wish I had the money for them.
    versace.jpg versace2.jpg
  2. I don't know if I would say I'm a Versace lover but there are several items in the collections I like, specifically this years. Can't find a pic online but there is a white quilted bag featured in Elle Accessories that I'm on the hunt for.
  3. I've seen a few Versace bags I liked but it's way outside of my budget. I love Versace sunglasses though.
  4. Eh, I've never seen a Versace bag I had to have.
  5. I love both bags! Wow. Must be kinda pricey though. LOL.

    The second bag reminds me of that Gucci someone posted a while back. Lovely bag.
  6. When I was at Saks recently I saw the second bag posted- and another one similar to the LV Suhali in white/gold and black/gold...I stood there and held them for a few minutes, they were really lovely. I'm hoping to get one at an end-of-season sale later this year.
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