Any Vanilla fans ?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a light coloured bag for the summer & wondered about vanilla darwin ? I haven't seen it irl and would be interested to have any views. Is it a 'warm' or ' 'cold' colour iykmim? and do you get colour transfer ? and does it go yellow with age ?
    Any views or experiences please :flowers:
    Thank you
  2. vanilla would be a great colour for the upcoming summer!
  3. Hey Slowhand, I have a darwin vanilla Emmy and it is a gorgeous warm colour. Mine has not yellowed with age and I have had no problems with colour transfer. She has been colonilled so imagine that helps but I have worn her messenger style with denim and not a mark on her!

    What bag are you considering? I LOVE my vanilla beauty in the summer :love:

  4. Thanks MM - just what I wanted to hear :yahoo:
  5. :yahoo: glad to hear it, it is such a gorgeous leather!! Hope you find what you are looking for!
  6. I have a vanilla Kensington-I find it quite a yellow cream

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  7. Thanks Mama - it looks lovely and just right for me . It's so diificult without seeing the colours irl isn't it .

    I'm an autumn & need warm creamy colours rather than cold ones and it looks perfect.
    Thank you
  8. I don't have any experience with vanilla Darwin but have always thought it would look gorgeous worn in the summer. I hope you find what you're looking for!

    PS Is that a sneaky addition I see in your signature? Why oh why haven't we seen pics?!
  9. I have an Alana in vanilla darwin and I love it!! It's a warm, creamy, scrumptious colour and sofar there hasn't been any colour transfer.
    But to be honest, it didn't leave the house much, since I bought it end November. But I take it out of it's dustbag every day and admire it. Still, no colour transfer from my drooling. (Can't wait till Spring!)

  10. LOL KLP - you don't miss anything do you :graucho:
    I'm just going to start a thread - it might explain a bit more :P
  11. Love vanilla. Have been eying one on ebay but I've spent enough recently. I like to use my bags (bad!) so i'm a bit concerned that I would wreck a vanilla bag. What do vanilla owners think? Is it very difficult to keep clean?
  12. I think Vanilla is lovely. If I could carry off lighter colours then I would definately consider Vanilla.
  13. I think youd love Vanilla Slowhand.

    My Darwin Emmy is the colour of homemade rice pudding ie a lovely biscuity cream, def warm tones.

    Id say its a summer colour BUT saw a girl today carrying a Vanilla Babington and she was wearing coffee latte/chocolate clothes & Choc Uggs...............she looked really lovely & oh so stylish.
  14. I don't have a Vanilla Darwin bag but I used to stare fixedly and repeatedly at a wonderful Vanilla Darwin Roxanne in a shop window in Winchester so I can tell you that it is a warmish colour and just what you need for summer. (I didn't have the money to purchase that bag but wish that I had it now.)
  15. Well ladies it's as though my dithering has cost me dearly and I can't believe what has happened !! The day before yesterday when I logged onto eBay I had a 20% off voucher against everything I looked at !
    I decided to go for a Vanilla Annie & emailed the seller to ask for a BIN price.She replied yesterday evening that she had just rejected £350 if that helped me ?

    I decided to go for £360 less the 20% ....and when I went in to buy it the 20% off had gone I couldnt believe it :pout: