Any Valentine's Day Suprises?

  1. Not for me:sad:...but I did get 2 Coach bags earlier this week, so I can't complain! What did you all get?
  2. No surprise here... DH forgot to get a card... Iced in today so no card, no nothing...
  3. Not much surprise here either. Bf is horrible with money, and so I took over his finances *scary thought*. He doesn't have enough money to get me anything, even a card. So no Vday, but this weekend we're supposed to take a trip to the outlets and if his HR person at work isn't sucking like she normally does, then he should get paid on time and I'll be getting $150 to spend at the outlet. So that will be good. :smile: Kind of a Christmas/birthday/Vday hybrid gift. He's never bought me an actual gift. It's weird.
  4. Yeah - a big crappy ice storm! But I did break out my new Sig Stripe Umbrella on the way to work! Hehehe
  5. I'm shocked! We normally do NOTHING for Valentine's, but this year we are celebrating, so dh got me a bag over the weekend and I wasn't expecting anything today, but . . .

    dh just got home (ice storm made it impossible for him to clear the lot at work and ice is rarely good for the delivery vehicles) and he actually had thought ahead and bought a card for me earlier in the week, so he came home with it! It's really sweet b/c usually, he doesn't "do" cards.

    It really is the little things sometimes . . .
  6. NOPE We just booked a big trip to Disney world so we decided to go low key this year. Cards and choclate only!!
  7. This and a card...but the thing is still on the fed ex truck, at 8:41 am it said on truck for delivery, then at 8:44 back at fed ex office for distribution. We got like 7" of snow, but the darn garbgae truck made it...I want my phone today darnit.
  8. hehe i :heart: my boyfriend...he went out to get his hair cut today (which he needed to do) and came back with a huge balloon and roses!! I was shocked beyond belief!! .:sigh:.
  9. Nothing so far. We went out for dinner last night. My husband told me to get something for myself this coming weekend. Honestly, he picked the worst bag at the coach store twice. The bags had to go back to the store. :smile:
  10. Nothing here but stuck in a snow/ice storm. I cannot even go to the outlet!
  11. Yes! I love it! Even though it is not here today! I bought myself a Coach Legacy bag! I charged it to my cc, because I just couldn't wait! I'll pay the bill when I get my check~! lol! I think my dad is getting my mom a coach bag too!
  12. hubby bought me a black mandy,wristlet,wallet ,2 pontail scarfs ! yippy!
  13. I haven't got crap. My dh left for work this morning and didn't even tell Happy Valentines:crybaby: Soooooo, I think I should buy myself a V-Day present, like some sunnies!!!
  14. Well my new Legacy Stripe Coin Purse Wristlet SHOULD be at the post office after work! More of a gift to myself. My fiance thinks it's the ugliest thing in the universe and says it looks like a paint sample sheet with a strap. Bah to him! It couldn't be more perfect because we're going to The Melting Pot tonight and it'll go sooo well with the outfit I'm wearing! Eep! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. oops i forgot,we will be eating heart shape pizza for dinner. We are such romantics! we're suckers !