Any Uptown Owners?

  1. I'm planning on getting myself an Uptown this week and I was wondering if anyone here had one and could tell me any need to know things about the bag beforehand. I know the shiny patent is prone to fingerprints but are there any other drawbacks? I really love this bag and I'm quite keen on getting it but it is an investment and better safe than sorry :okay:

    Just wondering if anyone had any insights. I'm heading over to the YSL store on Tuesday.

    I just adore how it looks:


  2. LOL I guess not. :roflmfao:
  3. I believe there were at least one or two people who mentioned purchasing an Uptown back when they were first released but I don't know if they ever posted pictures. I think the fingerprint issue might be the reason why we haven't seen more of them show up around here. I'd love to see pics of yours after you bring it home!
  4. Yeah I was searching for pictures and I was surprised not to find any. I think the Uptown is great but its not as popular as its YSL siblings. The fingerprint thing might just be what is causing that. I'm going to see for myself tomorrow - hopefully it won't be too bad and I'll be able to bring one home.

    I'll be sure to post pictures if and when I do :flowers:
  5. Luxx - I think the Uptown is GORGEOUS! :love:

    Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure to see it in person... so I can not give you any advice... good luck in your decision... and hopefully we will be able to see your pics... soon!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  6. I've got an Uptown in a dark patent green & I love it! The most brilliant thing about it is how shiny the patent is. It does get finger prints, but nothing that isn't easily wiped clean.
    I will try to post pictures tonight
  7. Here are some pictures of my Uptown. It's a dark green, doesn't translate too well in the photos, I tried photographing under different light. Also with my navy patent Tribute and black croc embossed Muse. I've been on a patent kick lately.
    DSC01218aa.jpg DSC01220aa.jpg DSC01223aa.jpg
  8. Wow, gorgeous YSL collection AHL! Welcome to tPF!!!!! :flowers:

  9. Wonderful! Thank you so much AHL for the pictures! Your Uptown is absolutely gorgeous!! :drool: All your bags are lovely but your Uptown just takes the cake. Oh my my my - I actually wound up buying a Marc Jacobs Ostrich bag today instead of the uptown but just looking at your bag is making me want to go back to the store. I went today and gave the Uptown a little test drive but I didn't buy it yet.

    Ooh I really shouldn't but at the same time...:graucho: the Uptown is just such a stunning bag.
  10. AHL, all three of your bags are gorgeous and I've never seen the Navy Patent Tribute before so thanks for posting that! It's such a lovely shade and your Uptown is really beautiful, too. If my iPod is any indication, an Uptown I carried would look like a mess of fingerprints all the time so I admire anyone who can carry one of these beauties and keep it clean! :tup: