Any updates on when price increase will occur?

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  1. My sister told me when she went to LV this past Saturday the SA told her that prices wil increase 5-7 days after Valentines Day. Has anyone heard this also?
  2. Well, I just need it to happen already, the anticipation is killing me already, lol. I want to get the bv in June and I just want to know if that bag is going to be spared or increased, I can't wait until the increase so I can know already what I'm going to be spending! I hope only $722, which is the current $710 and shipping from elux. I think if there is a price increase it's usually not more than $15 or so.
  3. I vaguely recall a price increase on a bag in Nov. being $40 though, the Manhattan maybe it was? That is way too much of an increase.
  4. boooo i dont even wanna think about it!
  5. I think it will happen any minute! lol!
  6. any word on if this will effect a speedy 35? i'm saving up for a new one
  7. Who know. Increase then decrease then increase again. It's enough to drive you mad:wacko: .
  8. No one knows. I guess around 2/20 because they had increased the speedy of the Dentelle speedy before the launch date.
    Also there has been no word on what will be affected. Remember though...last increase really affected MC (over 10% increase) so I'm hoping they pass it by this time.
    Also...Epi decreased (the speedy 25) so I wonder if it might creep back up again.
  9. I just don't care anymore...
  10. I hope they just keep it as it is!
  11. Yeah, I'm tired of this, trying hard to not pay attention anymore....
  12. During price increases do all the bags get an increased price? Or is it just a select few? Does the Mono Speedy 25 get increased a lot?
  13. Usually it's across the board but the same percentage, once in a while an item or two will decrease a bit, it is what it is, tired of thinking about it, if the bags become a higher price than I'm willing to pay I'll stop buying them......