any updates on Vitello Shine durability?

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  1. So I think the Vitello Shine has been out long enough for any owners to know about the durability...? I've done a search and found complaints about the cervo shine flaking, cracking, and leaving color stains on white tables, etc. but not much on Vitello Shine. Would love for anyone to chime in if you have a well loved Vitello Shine... TIA!
  2. I am a big fan of the vitello shine bags. I have several and love them!!!:biggrin:
  3. Ha! Thanks Bagladee. You were actually the one that I remembered owned a few. No issues with the shine finish?
  4. None at all. They just get more squishy and softer the more they are used. I bought most of mine at full price and they were worth it ($1995). I am lusting over a chain hobo in a burnt orange/rusty color, but want to wait for it to go on sale.:biggrin:
  5. I have two Vitello Shines coming from Vitello Shine Satchel in black, and Vitello Shine Tote in brown. I am so excited. I'm glad to hear this leather gets soft and wears well.
  6. I just wanted to bump this thread up. I just received on in the mail in a tan color (I will have to get the card) and was wondering about color tranfer onto the bag....
  7. The color of my new vitello shine is Cuoio. I am just worried about colors/denim transfer onto the bag, has anyone experienced this with the Vitello Shine?

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  8. Just ordered a vitello shine in argilla.Im so scared too about the longevity and wear of this bag.I hope it wont peen and crack like crazy like my cervo antik that went into the bin after a few months.Such a waste of money.
  9. It is great! I do like the series!
  10. I have two vitello shines and there is no signs of peeling or cracking.The leather will scratch though.
  11. i have few vitalio shine and they are good, really love how the leather looks, very luxurious creamy look...muahhhh....
    i don't get the same feeling from fabric bags tho'...
  12. I recently purchased a Vitello Shine tote in Denim, and was wondering how it will hold up. Glad to have found this thread. I have noticed that it scratches easily, but the scratches also seem to simply blend in nicely. I love, love the Denim color, and highly recommend it. It is a great neutral, but not dull, and I get a ridiculous number of compliments on it. I hope it continues to wear well.
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