any updates on new reissues?

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  1. I know there's a thread about the new colors for the reissues, does anybody have any updates on what colors/shades it will be ? and will it look the same as the past re-issues or with a little modifications? TIA:heart:
  2. i spoke to a SA in Chanel Las Vegas Wynn. She mentioned that it will come in deep royal blue metallic, deep red metallic, dark purple metallic, black metallic, gold, silver (bright) and silver (dark) but she specifically said it is different from the usual dark silver as that color is not coming out anymore :yes:
  3. wow i am envisioning those colors in my head and drooling!
  4. OMG YUMMY. These colors sound gorgeous. I can't wait!!! Thanks for the update happie_berrie!
  5. OMG - deep metallic red :drool::drool:
  6. I will definetely be waiting for these.. ladies please let us all know THE minute anyone spots these or gets called for waitlist.. :okay:
  7. thanks... what abt the sizes? i love the purple and the silver and the red and well, maybe i should just waitlist for all:yes:
  8. i think i heard that all the sizes are coming out from 224 to 228!!! exciting, huh??? :yahoo:
  9. wow!!! :drool::drool::drool: deep royal blue metallic

  10. Yup!! The SA did something like that!! :yes::yes: Arent we all excited??? hehe :p:p
  11. Yes! Very excited:yahoo:Thanks so much for sharing the info:flowers:

    Any idea when they might be arriving in the boutiques:confused1:
  12. The SA said anytime between mid jan to late jan.. but most probably towards the end of jan.. :yes::yes: we have slightly over 2 months to save!!! :nuts::nuts:
  13. I was worried that the purple reissue was going to have gold hw, someone mentioned it was a possibility. But My SA in Bellagio Chanel said the purple will have silver hw, so all is well in the world for me again!
  14. DD101, is your SA Jason, by any chance? He's my SA and he is so fantastic! :yes:
  15. ^ Well, if the purple reissue has silver h/w, I'm getting one without a doubt haha. :p Hmm, I was always intrigued by the idea of metallic blue reissue, and even moreso if it's royal blue, ahh! :nuts: :love: I can't wait to see everything IRL... hell, I'd jump for joy at seeing the pics in the lookbook haha!! :happydance::nuts: