Any updates for F/W Giant Hobo and GH coin purses?

  1. Anyone heard anything? I am getting fidgety waiting.....:nuts:
    I am dreaming of a SGH hobo and a cute little SGH coin purse. :heart:

    Thanks all!
  2. Bump! Anyone heard anything? I am lusting for Violet SGH new hobo!!!

    Thanks : )
  3. You can try calling Barney's (on Madison Ave) for the Violet SGH Hobo, last time I called they mentioned they had a Violet Hobo, I just don't remember which hardware. Ask for Leo, he is the epitome of helpful and super nice!

    And as far as GH coin purses, I was under the impression that they were a holiday thing and would come out then.
  4. Omigosh, I wonder where the person got it? Do you think they'd tell me if I asked? I'd like to get it from a store rather than bidding.

    I'm so surprised, I thought that it was part of the holiday collection too. I am waitlisted for a Jaune GGH coin.

    Thanks south of france for the update!