any UNCOMFORTABLE christian louboutins?

  1. i'm really tired of paying around $150 for shoes that either fall apart or just become increasingly uncomfortable over time. $150 is still a lot, and i consider them splurges (im a grad student), but the shoes i've been getting are just not cutting it. :push:

    i'm really tempted to just totally splurge and get one pair of super comfy yet super cute truly high quality shoes, regardless of price. i immediately thought of CLs. i've read nothing but rave reviews about how unbelievably comfortable CLs are, and they're all gorgeous. i've especially heard amazing things about CL miss ticks, but after a google search i can't even manage to find a picture, much less a place to order i guess they're discontinued? knowing this, i've been browsing BG, Saks, etc. and i see so many other pretty CLs that i would be tempted to buy.....:drool:

    after hearing nothing about rave reviews about how CLs are SO comfy, i guess my question is, do any of you own or know of any CLs that are NOT comfortable or become uncomfortable over time? :confused1:

    PS. Any specific CLs you recommend that are especially comfy?
  2. The Lastic boots are extremely uncomfortable (at least to me!).
  3. Well, I'd say that the Pigalle 120mm (the 5-inch Pigalle's) is ONLY for celebs who walk the red carpet.....or perform on-stage....SOLELY for car-to-dinner events. Any more walking and your feet will pay the price for a week or more. I had to learn the hard way unfortunately. Those are signature Louboutin's (the ones you see when you open up but only a special-occasion shoe.

    Also, I'd recommend trying on the Decollete 868 pump before buying it (if you're buying it sight-unseen) -- it's walkable for some people (myself included), but I also know that for a lot of others that shoe is NOT a day-time shoe either....maybe for evening events involving little walking.
  4. i absolutely love christian louboutin shoes (just bought another pair!), but alot of them are pretty uncomfortable (especially the current more "fashionable" ones such as the lastics). he makes quite a few amazing shoes- the pigalle, the gwenissima etc- which look great, but i think are impractical if you're thinking about comfort.

    i tried on the decollete and could tell that it would be uncomfortable for me after an hour or so. i ended up buying the simple pumps for that reason. the simple pumps and his platform pumps (ex. bruges) are the most comfy imho.

    overall, i find jimmy choo to be alot more comfortable though i would never give up CL bc i love his designs!
  5. ^^^ both of you ladies comments were right to the point I agree ..All of the Loub's that I own go from car to destination .
  6. Totally agree :yes:, LOL. I had the 'standard' 4-inch version but no, I wanted to be like a celebrity and bought the 5-inch as well. It is hell after about 10 minutes and by the end of the night (a gathering with lots of standing up), I had to take it off and walk bare-footed on the pavement because I just cannot bear it anymore. :sweatdrop:
  7. The most comfortable pairs of CLs I own are his Simple Pump and his Bruges. I can walk for hours in each of these styles. The Simple Pumps were my first pair of Louboutins and the first pair of designer shoes I ever bought. They were well worth every cent given the amount of times I have worn them.

    I also recommend the Wallis maryjane. It's cut similar to the Simple, which is probably why they are so comfortable.

    For going out, I have found that his Prives are great. I've even worn some of mine on the weekend to spruce up a casual outfit. The platform on them really makes them easy to walk in.

    By contrast, some of his other styles can be more difficult to wear all day. As someone else posted, the Decolletes are stunning shoes, but the sizing is tricky and I wouldn't recommend buying them sight-unseen. They also take some time to get used to, and can be a pain to wear the entire day. I finally got used to mine, but I still carry a pair of flats with me just in case.
  8. my decolettes are so pretty...but soooo painful. I only wear them SOMETIMES at work if i know that i wont be walking anywhere, or if i go to a show where im sitting the whole time. Isnt that a shame. Such pretty shoes.
  9. How are the miss boxes? I really badly want them...but only if I'll be able to wear them for hours at a time.
  10. Miss Boxe is OK though obviously it is not as comfortable as Helmut and Helmoon, it is just the extreme 5-inch ones without platform at the front like the Pigalle. I thought Decollete is not that bad on the same pain/sadomasochist level :lol: as Fiorellino (I have 7 colours for this :p) and Very Privé. Definitely the Pigalle is the worst, LOL.
  11. i have the lastic booties (pretty uncomfy that I often take them off while I'm driving), Decolletes (mildy uncomfortable but I can probably walk an hour in them), bridgette espadrille (really comfy but it's a wedge), and formentara (super high) espadrille (pretty comfy).

    I really wanted the simple pumps but I found them to run big since a 36 was falling off of me and Saks didn't have a 35 1/2.

    Manolos & Choos have never failed me on the comfortableness but Louboutins are so much hotter.
  12. Pigalles are uncomfortable for me, but I have smaller feet....
  13. Ally24k, I completely agree with this.

    My simple pumps seemed to fit in the store, but I found that they ran a 1/2 size big once the leather stretched. They were my first pair of CLs, so I really didn't know how much the leather would give. Now I just wear an insert, and my next pair of simple pumps will be a half size smaller.

    I also have Manolos and Choos, which I love, but they're just not as sexy as a pair of CLs.
  14. I don't find any of them comfortable - they are usually too high for me. Plus I prefer Taryn Rose shoes if I'm spending that much money.
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  15. thanks for all your opinions/advice guys! im actually really surprised...i really haven't heard ANY negative CL reviews yet, so this is a first for me.

    i know you guys have given me some styles to try on that are comfy, but any more recommendations? i'm sort of looking for super comfy, non-special-occasion shoes, i.e. pumps. thanks guys!!!