Any UK resident claimed tax back after shopping Paris?

Feb 6, 2013
Hi everyone - I'm going to Paris in the autumn and wondered if anyone resident in the UK had purchased in France and claimed tax back? I see you can do it at the airport but wondered if chanel boutiques sell bags tax free to non EU customers?

Also - do you know what the tax free amount is? Thanks!


May 21, 2022
Hi, I recently went to the Rue Cambon store in Paris and bought a pair of shoes. I think the tax back was around 13%. You’ll have to tell the store so they can give you the tax free receipt I think it was. Then at the airport you can use the self service points to get claim your tax refund. It’s really simple and hassle free at the airport which is nice as I was worried we’d be waiting ages as we had bought other things from other stores too.
All in all it’s a good amount you’re saving including after the euro to gbp conversion (I know the rates not great right now) but it all adds up with the tax refund. :smile: