Any UK polish lovers here?

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  1. I've been lurking and I think I've only seen two other UKers here :smile:

    Come say hi! :smile:
  2. I would think that one of those is me :smile: -waves- There is a few of us about, and theres a girl from Ireland here too!
  3. Hiiiii :smile::smile:
  4. My name is Debi.... I live in London.... and I'm addicted to nail polish..... haha

    Hello fellow UK polish lovers! :smile:
  5. Hey UK polish lovers, quick question for ya. Is Max Factor Fantasy Fire still around in stores? Like in London perchance? I'm going to London soon and would love to nab a few bottles.
  6. As far as I know, it's part of their permanent collection.. It's also because quote easy to find now, so you shouldn't have much trouble grabbing some bottles :smile:
  7. Another Londoner *waves* Hiiii :smile::smile:
  8. *waves* Oooh, me, me! :biggrin: I'm from Kent (not too far from London!), nice to see other UK lacquer heads popping out to say hello! Also yes, Fantasy Fire is part of the permanent collection now, you should be able to find it somewhere! :smile:
  9. Me! I'm a polish addict from the North East:biggrin:
  10. Hiiii
    American expat who is stuck right now in suffolk lol
  11. Aww :sad: Do you miss the US? How long have you been in the UK for? :smile:
  12. 1.5 years , I miss a few things about the us and one happens to be cheaper polishes lol
  13. Yeah I know! The difference between US and UK prices for some things is ridiculous lol :sad:

    But then again we get Boots and Superdrug and Sleek and such :smile:
  14. True true :smile:
  15. Thanks ladies I'm going to grab some when I'm there!