Any UK girls who wont buy a real LV because of the amount of fakes?

  1. I mean I see chav's with fake LV alllllllll the time, it puts me off and so I don't want it...not sure if this is the same in other countries, but here... :shrugs:
  2. yeah but no but yeah but no... J/K. I'm not british, but we have a problem with chav-like people here too, and although it annoys me that they carry fakes and pretend it's realy, I don't really care, because I have the real deal and I don't really care what other people think.
  3. lol, someone watches Little Britain :p I guess I should just get what i want regardless of what others think. I really fancy a LV wallet, but im on the verge lol
  4. Little Britain gets everywhere! I was learning to ski last year in northern Finland, and the instructor was quoting it at us!
  5. Computer says.... no :roflmfao:
    I so love Little Britain!!!! (not British either, Argentinian :yes: !!)

    Anyway, the quantity of fakes here in Amsterdam are terrible too, but "am I bovverd"??? Nop, because I know I have the real thing... and they know it too, believe me ;)
  6. It annoys me that there are soooo many fakes about, but i dont care i know mine are real and dont really care if people think they are fake, at least i know that they are real !, and i also think that if you were put off buying a bag because it has been faked, u wouldn't be left with much choices. :yes:
  7. I am not British, but I also see lots of fakes, but you know, I know I have the real thing so I don't give a damn! lol! I love my LV's!
  8. Same here!
  9. I would never buy LV as so many fakes about and it's a very common brand here.
  10. Hi- question from an American girl here- What does "chav's" mean? And believe me there are TONS of LV fakes in the US too, (also Gucci, Prada, Coach, etc fakes) I think I see 10 fakes for every 1 real bag. Doesn't make me enjoy my real bags any less though.
  11. I live in the UK but i dont see them THAT much amoung teenagers but if i see 'um they are fake. But even tho it annoys me i still buy LV i love it . Chavs are irritating because they are almost try to make them look more "cool/rich" wich makes me laugh because they try to make there fugly tracksuits and cigerette stained nails and BLING look cool by having a very poor fake on their arm. Im ranting SORRY but yes. I still buy them :biggrin:
  12. Chav or Charv/Charver (in North-East England only) is a mainly derogatory slang term in some parts of the United Kingdom for a subcultural stereotype fixated on fashions such as gold jewellery (often cheap) and 'designer' clothing. They are generally considered to have no respect for society, as well as being considered ignorant or unintelligent. The term appeared in mainstream dictionaries in 2005.[1][2] The defining features of the stereotype include clothing in the Burberry pattern (notably a now-discontinued baseball cap) and from a variety of other casual and sportswear brands. Tracksuits, hoodies, sweatpants and baseball caps are particularly associated with this stereotype. Response to the term has ranged from amusement to criticism that it is a new manifestation of classism. The term has also been associated with delinquency, the "ASBO Generation", and "yob culture".

    So yea Anti social . Tracksuits . Fake gold jewlery. Thats why its so refresing in america they arnt there! yet. Please keep it that way :smile: x
  13. ha! that was funny, thanks for the info!
  14. i still love my lv's and use them regardless of tons of fakes i see whenever i go out. why care? i use my bags for myself, not for others.
  15. I still use my LVs although I must say that I am rather fed up of the 12 year old girls with croydon facelifts trying to make out that theirs are real. As much as I love LV, I won't be buying any more until most people's fakes have fallen apart! And I won't wear any Burberry for the exact same reason- my motto with that brand is 'middle- aged, middle- class'. Otherwise its probably going to be fake. An overgeneralisation, perhaps, but it's true.