Any ugliness at Hermes?

  1. Just wondering...there is so much to love there, but what do you all think (if anything) is ugly at Hermes? Does anything make you go, "yuck" or "ugh"?

    Is it a certain handbag style? A type of leather used in their bags? A color leather they produce? A piece of jewelry perhaps? A china pattern? Anything? The SA's (hee hee)
  2. I have to answer that...right now I am thinking it would have to be the waitlist and how they run it. It isn't always fair and done properly and it really makes me think there is some "ugly" business practices there.

    I will come back later with something else, but this is what's on my mind now. Can you feel my pain?
  3. ok her are my ugly h items
    -every special edition kelly or birkin so far (the only exception is the kelly bag doll with the little feet etc but that one only from a collectors point of view)
    -some of their fashion was pretty hideous under the reign of martin margiela
    -i simply can not stand all their logo H items
    that´s it so far but in general i can say hermès has a lot less" misses" then all the other fashion houses out there
  4. I hate the way the waitlist game is played. It's all a bunch of bull!

    I do not like some of their RTW or shoes. And I really do not like those speciail edition Birkins (the ones with the faces, arms and legs, or that awful picasso kelly/birkin). Wish they would just stick to producing our lovely handbags and make them more readily available for us ladies without us having to beg!
  5. I have to agree with Kellybag about waitlists, and the way you have to buy a Birkin or a Kelly in general: what I mean is, that unless you're SOOOO lucky to find your dream bag on the shelf or in the basement, which we all know is practically impossible, you have to imagine what the bag you want will look like and order it without seeing it.So when it arrives, there's always a slight chance that it's not how you wanted it (hardware for example) and therefore have to pass and wait goodness knows how long again... Gosh, I hope this makes some sense...?!?:blink:
  6. I would agree with you there, depending on store, and how well you are known to the SA's you may get a totally different treatment. But I have to say that I think it is just the individual SA's egos that are at fault here, not the overall hermes policy (to be unpleasant or unfair to customers), I think some SA's let the "birkin power" go to their heads and they play favorites.:sad:
  7. Love most of the products though.
  8. Just saw a scarf yesterday that was a lovely shade of baby-poop green with golf balls all over it......:sick:
  9. sounds yummy :shocked: :sick:
  10. Their pricetag ? :graucho:

    Some of the jewelry in their show cases were not really appealing.
  11. H sneakers are :sick: and most of their logo stuff is :sick:

    Now as far as colors, there is a peuce-like green I saw one time at the Madison Ave store that left me :sick:
  12. Do you mean the "vert anis"?:biggrin: alot of people have a strong reaction to it. :roflmfao:
  13. not vert-anis. I don't prefer that color but it is not ugly. It was more like etaupe but with a greenish tinge:sick: . I mean, it was really ugly:P
  14. oooh, I have not seen that one,...sounds fierce:amazed: :shocked:
  15. I saw what was listed as a rug at Hermes yesterday that I thought was ugly. I don't like some of their bracelets and I'm not fond of the picotins.