Any discount codes?

  1. Baby needs a new pair of uggs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I don't know of any codes for, but you should check out They sell only Uggs and there is no tax applied. I bought black classic in the short style for $99.00. It's a great site and their sales are great, when they have the size you want. Happy shopping.
  3. remember that Zappos price matches and i think they have free overnite shipping
  4. I wish. I have never seen ugg codes before. sometimes Nordstroms has them on sale.
  5. I got a good one!!!! It ends today, but Victoria's secret sells uggs - use VSHOP for a $30 off $150 (making the tall uggs only $120!!!) And free ship with any order over $100 with code FA77813, I got the Tall in Chocolate!!! VSHOPalso works with lesser prices, $15 off etc. - good UGG deal!!!
  6. thanks for the info! do you know if VS ships outside US?
  7. They do ship outside the U.S., but the offer codes for free shipping and for tiered discounts don't apply to international orders.
  8. Thanks Shoegal I got some!