Any Ugg Codes

  1. I really want the chocolate mini uggs, I know certain people think they are hideous but I think they are cute:heart:
  2. I saw a bunch of chocolate ugg minis at my local Marshalls in Massachusetts(they had every size).. for 60$. Maybe you should check out your local Marshalls!
  3. thanks jen
  4. how come my marshalls doesn't have goodies like that!? $60 for uggs? that is toooo sweet!

    i'm looking for some classic short if i could only find a coupon code for those!
  5. uggs at marshalls? oh my goodness.
  6. Uggs are impossible to find online these days. I bought a few 2 years ago when they were "out" & I'm glad I did. I found a mini chestnut pair for under $100 from an eBay seller called Eitalan recently.
  7. Which marshalls location where you found the uggs in Massachusetts? i am in boston this weekend ... :smile:
  8. I was at the one in Braintree a few weeks ago, but I'm not too sure of their current stock. Good luck finding them!! :yes:
  9. I bought mine when Saks had a 20% off code a while back for about 94$, they were the short classics. Other than that, I haven't been seeing many great deals for them.
  10. No problem! :tup:
  11. thanks jen. i check marshalls and it was all sold out.
  12. I think when you live in a place that has bad weather they are the best, most comfortable shoes annoying laces that come undone in the rain and get soaked...
    I was so bummed when they announced that Uggs were so "out"...but who are they to say that? Perez? Puhleez...they are a wardrobe staple here in Oregon...
    Happy New Year Everyone!