Any Tyler Perry Madea Fans ?

  1. I just watched 2 dvds of his stage productions and the singing and acting were superb. Madea Goes To Jail and Madea's Class Reunion were so entertaining with a message. Some of the actors in his tv series House Of Payne are in these early stage productions.
  2. I am. I didn't know about Madea goes to jail or the others. I have just seen the other movies. I will have to check them out. I haven't seen House of Payne either. When is it on?
  3. House Of Payne is on Wednesday nights on TBS but there is no Medea in can watch the episodes online too. I got the stage shows on DVD at Best Buy.
  4. LOL! Madea is hillarious. My mom has all the Madea movies AND stage plays, so I've seen most of them. Haven't been able to enjoy one in person yet, however, but it's on my to-do list. I've been watching House of Payne on TBS, although I missed the only episode with Madea in it. I keep watching because hopefully Madea will be back on the show!
  5. I don't like the plays but like the movies...
  6. I like his movies, even though a lot are pretty dark, like the last one, Daddy's Little Girls(although not technically to this thread, since Madea was not in it). I have never seen the plays but I bet they are good!
  7. Tyler begins filming his next feature film "Meet The Browns" in Atlanta in 2 weeks!!
  8. :wtf:WHAT??? OMG!!! Can't wait. I pray he uses the original cast from the play because it was :roflmfao: I love only the plays with Madea and or Brown: I can do bad all by myself, Madea's Family Reunion, Madea's Class Reunion and Madea Goes to Jail(my fave). I believe the only play I really wasn't into was Diary of a Mad Black Woman( not enough Madea for me). I will only watch one of his past movies if Madea is in it.
  9. I can never have too much Madea!!
  10. I love tyler perry, but I don't love House of Payne. I don't think it is quite as funny as his other stuff. I love Medea goes to jail, Diary of a Mad Black woman, and Medeas family reunion.
  11. House Of Payne is having a hard time but hopefully it will improve over the course of the 100 episodes TBS ordered.
  12. I love all of his movies & plays!!!!!!!!

    My fav was DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN!!!!!!!!!
  13. I do not like house of pain. the humor seems forced to me.
  14. exactly.
  15. I watched House of Pain for the first time. It bored me.