Any twillies besides what's on H. website?

  1. Hi everyone.

    Does you know if Hermés makes any twillies from this past year/season besides what's currently on their website? I'm going to buy one as a present for a woman. I realize I could buy one from one of the PF trusted eBay sellers, but since the prices usually seem to be the same as retail, I suppose I'd prefer to buy it from a Hermès boutique or Neiman Marcus. My local NM only has 2-3 twillies and I have no local H., but if I know what I want I could purchase over the phone. Thanks.

    Also - would you say that between all the scarves in their current little mini scarf book (from NM) and the website, that's going to show me all this year's offerings? Since I'm very picky, I'm thinking I might be better off checking out some of the PF recommended eBay sellers so I can choose from previous seasons and have a much bigger selection. I just have to make sure I get something that's absolutely new and mint, with the box and all tags attached, since it is a present for someone else. THANKS VERY MUCH!

  2. The twillys you see on are from the latest season. Some times, new colours of old design are released. But I consider them "new" from the new season.

    There is no one place that you can see all the old and new twillies available for sale. You will have to buy from resellers if you are looking for past seasons' twillies. These usually come with a premium.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. Do a lot of you wear twillys as ponytail holders?

    I know many of you collect Hermes scarves of all sizes, and so I assume you must buy many from resellers; since that's the only way to obtain scarves of prior seasons. Do you think it's alright for me to buy past season scarves as a present for a woman, and are there sellers who seem to have older scarves which are essentially brand new - in the original box, with all tags?

    Thanks again very much. Your advice is very helpful, and I can't wait to start buying a few scarves for her. I'm sure she'll love them. Don't know if she'll use them (lol) since she doesn't normally wear scarves or many accessories, but she'll still love an H. scarf and will definitely use a twilly for ponytail. THANKS!

  4. I use the twilly as a ponytail holder and a headband ... i never use to wear silk scarves but when i got my first H scarf as a gift i started wearing them and now i collect them ... im sure she will love your gift. Good luck on your search!
  5. I think they look beautiful when worn in the hair...