Any trustworthy sellers?

  1. I'm new to the purse forum, so hi everyone! I would say I'm decent at spotting fakes but not the best. Can anyone give me some trustworthy seller names so I don't get screwed?
  2. It depends on which designer's bags you are interested in. You could post those eBay listing links to each designer's forum for authentication.
  3. I am trustworthy.... xxxxxxxxxxxx....oops, am I alowed to do that?
    just a little self promotion from a 50 yr. old menopausal gal:dothewave:

    please re-read the Forum rules
  4. Definitely check out the specific subforums for the designers you are interested in; most of them have a "trusted sellers" list, or if they don't, you can read some threads and get a good idea of who the buyers feel comfortable with.
    It's nearly always different sellers for Kooba vs. Chanel vs. Hermes, and so on.
  5. ^^ great advice. I have worked with some wonderful people whom I would probably never have found had I not found the excellent information about trustworthy sellers that is in most sub-forums. Have fun!
  6. thanks for your help!