Any tricks to keeping a scarf tied on a bag?

  1. I haven't seen anyone mention this, so maybe it's just me!

    Are there any tricks to keeping your scarf tied on your bag? I usually get the ponytail scarves and tie them in a bow where the bag meets the handle, or sometimes through the brass loop connecting the handle. When I carry the bag for a few days, the bow either droops or gets loose and comes untied, then the scarf is wrinkled. Are there any secrets I don't know about?

    I should mention that I prefer tying it in a bow to just doing a single knot - I know that's not as hard to keep tied nicely that way.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. you could put a few loose stitches in it... or, if the material can be ironed - even under a towel - spray a little starch first.
  3. I tie mine like a's a "cleaner knot" IMO and it stays put
  4. I tie mine in a "tie" too but it does still get loose around the ring of my Ali. I was thinking of a few stitches too, as I am not planning on changing this to another bag. Good thread ! I was wondering the same things !
  5. Good thread! I'd like to know, too, how to keep a scarf tied. I also tie my ponytail scarfs in bows around the strap hinge because my purses tend to be shorter in height so I don't want my scarf tails to drag or touch a surface if my purse is set down. Other than a few stitches, are there any other methods?
  6. I usually tie the scarf in a knot first, then do the bow thing. They do sometimes come a little loose after a few days, but i just kinda "pull" the loop parts to retighten them again. Works pretty well for me.
  7. My Mom has a little trick that she uses when she ties shoe laces that might work. What you do is when you put the one loop through the hole on the other side, instead of pulling the bow tight at that point like you usually would, you loop it around through the hole again and then pull tight. She used to work for REI, and they taught them that trick for boot laces. For some reason the bows stay put but you can still pull the end to untie it. Unlike a double knot where you have to pick apart the bow to untie it.

  8. Can you or someone else explain how to do this? I don't know how it is done. Thanks!!
  9. I googled "how to tie a tie" and did the four-in-hand knot.

    took some practice

    this is how mine looks:


  10. Thanks deweydrop for the pictures! I will google it also. I have been so worried my scarf will fall off my slim flap. I have been checking it alot when I wear it. Hopefully if I tie it that way it will feel more secure.
  11. Wow, Deweydrop.... that looks great!!!
  12. I have the hippie version of your slim flap...and have the scarf tied exactly the same a "tie" tie...hasn't ever fallen off.
  13. I hope this makes sense but this is how I tie mine:

    1. Fold the (oblong) scarf in half.
    2. Wrap it around the strap or through a loop on the bag.
    3. Take the loose ends and slip them through the top loop/hole of the scarf.
    4. Pull the loose ends while pushing the loop/hole of the scarf up, towards the bag, to tighten.
    5. Take the loose ends and make a bow, double knot it for extra security.